(Palavering, Social Free Poem)

Someone has told, that, the Path of Red China in the mainland is beeing build in this very period of this Continent? In a brief analysis of China History of the Great Song Dynasty, between the characters of Lam Sung & Tong Minh Cong, his leader. The Path of Tong Minh Cong, leader of A Liangshan Group aims at is the Main Route of the entire Nation of China? And the Path of Lam Sung is good as well but in his own limit only? It is limited as the separate retaliation because, the Dynasty’s General Cao Cầu has hurt his own family, the litigants?

Lam Sung, being discontent, seeks the Liangshan Organization. This Organization brings together 108 Characters or Heroes. In the Partnership Will and Capacity of a Full Force, Tong Minh Cong must have the foresight of the Situation? A Country with Bad & Corrupted Officials, has been destroying all of the Governmental Management’s Balance, from both Physical and Mental Areas. Then, the Big Song has gradually declined, in this period of History?

The Country of China, if the category is needed for Reunification, What are supposed to do by its Leaders? The Racial Differentiation as Tibet or Xinjiang and the Broken Culture System in the Politics, for example, does the Red China Government in the Mainland is really making An Equalization Form of Governance? No, It is also lacking the Real Justice Path for Today. Lacking of required Quality, can this kind of Government realize its Aim of Establishing Its Whole Bright Culture for their Nation? The words “Binh Thien Ha” must be construed as, the Independence & Stable Peace of Mankind? Not only Creating the Ambition & Benefits of Red China Leaders, but for the Whole People of China as well as the World?or, and only causing a Shortage of Righteousness in Human Life?

If this Truth is clearly understood, in the Good Road, personally, It is the Form Of Respecting The Human Rights, the Democracy, and Freedom of the Whole Mankind and the Globe. Humans in our planet, in every Country, generally, should be respected equally and sustainable. To me, that is the Main Objective of our Mankind’s Peace and Independence in Human Life?

At present, both new Empires of Russia and Red China, In my opinion, are short of their Original Socialism Ideology or Communism, a Quality Culture or a Justice Road contains a lot of Quality Path. Why so? Please ask the Contemporary of Communist Leaders and Their Deep Mind? The Enlightenment in this Good Path of Cultural Aspects will lead to the Peace and Security of Mankind. Otherwise, if the Superpowers themselves maintain more to each other their Ambition? The Final Results could be led to The Unjustice Path? Absolutely, that is the Path leading to the Dark? This Dark Period would Destroy Yourselve and the Whole Earth? Personally, I think of our Vietnam Country! We need to adjust our Vision, and should understand well, & what is the main Justice Road?

Vanson Tran – 7/2015


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