Tình Non Nước



(Or My Fatherland Love)

I still reminisce the Love of My Fatherland. The famous Poem of poet Tan Da, my  beloved Country. My Exile boat,  has been drifting for 4 decades ..But, my mind poetic pictures about my Country is being overflowed..  fully overflowed! Even when the Life Ocean  transformed my Boat into waves .. I just wish how to exit the Rough Ties, then It will slowly flow into the peaceful waves.  Doing so, I recall the Note of Loving My Fatherland!

The Love of My Fatherland in mine has not lost. But,  apparently, It seems to me, I have lost My Human Rights?  I have been pulled out of my Country Orbit and I have been pulling immensely on the Life Stream… Even my in my Boat, I have had some Children helping me to steer It, It is a Joy; however, I deeply regret something so much! I want my wife and children just simply living on a peaceful Plain, a lovely lifestyle with our human warm love, just that!  That Dream, oh why, is so difficult?  Is It right that, My Country, has been dominated by the Communist Ideology? I deeply thought and I felt so sorry!  The Mind of my Country Leaders have been fully alienated into Communist Ideology? But, in My Exile Favor Country, the USA Society, I saw I have been acctually alienated into Materialism? Both Directions, have been separating My Fatherland Love?

My Exiled Boat is still floating..without Its Old Shore, as well as Its Source, without My Country Love! We could not Return nowhere!  The Colors of my Old Culture of Hate has been digging more deeply..  Because the Different Colors <Red/Yellow> are still seen far away, never stopped?  My Boat, its Sail has been fully winded, but It Next Shore Is Disappeared!  Is It true that I have lost My Fatherland Love?

Vanson Tran- 30 / 4-2015

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