Nhựa Sống Mùa Xuân


(Poetry Of Idle Comment, Vietnam Youth Appeal)

Going through the Fall Forests .. The tree leaves turn yellow <Anthemis> as gold! Their Branches with poetic leaves vast the whole forests ..Like Spring Living Air, full ofn Plastic Life of Fresh! I woke, and I ask? How Much Efforts have been done in my past lives? The Relationship Status has been completed yet? Whether in harmony of my little Love under the Leaves Roofs?

Friends! how have we reunited & how much? Together in the Purpose How to Built Our Poor Country? At Paddy fields, they seem still spoilage? Buffaloes still, with People and Our Humble Farmers have been sustaining their lifelong hardships? This Afternoon, the Sea Fishing Villagers are calling the Heaven! The Red China have pressed them, the poor Fishermen!Yesterday & Today, our Hope has been gradually closed …A bright future is slowly fade? You & I, what do we have to say anything? Our Freedom of Speech, led Us away to The Security Posts? Or these Police stations, They seem not the Population .. They seem as the hostility many times as I experienced in my hometown? From the Southern Liberation Day ..the Communist Government’s Words were pushy deceitful propaganda?

When coming to the South, I see a Wonderful Region, on & on …At their fertile fields, prosperous with Sweet Peeople! Our Fatherland, has not been in Peaceful Compromise or Harmony? Actually, We Are Not In the Good Settlement Of Our Country together? Yellow Flag, Red Flag still clear seen? Our Fatherland Call, of Wonderfull Land, specially the Situation of Our Homeland ..All seem as It is pushing and calling US to GO REBUILING, My Friends! Make Arrangements for Our Life …Engage & Together We Rebuild a Real Life of Freedom? Our Youth Spring Living Air is immense …Do You Hear The Immense Call Of Our Fatherland, In Harmony?

Trong Thuy Son – 5/2015
Writing With the Inspiration <Against Those Red China Force>
Having Been Occupying Our South Sea Region Sovereignty.

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