(Palavering Social Poem)

The situation is variable, between the World Superpowers. Their Ambition is growing steadily among them. We may feature these Nations, besides EU, US-Australia, it remains Red China and New Empire of Russia. We still see more Challengers, such as Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, India, North Korea, Communist Vietnam, Isareal, Islamic State in the Middle East. But, of course, we do not need to consider them so much; just because they would shift toward the Strong Wind when there is the Storm anyway.

Thus, the only 3-4 superpowers attract our concern are remaining. They are being split between the East-West Division if comparing their Geo-Politic positions. Their Inner-Force is considering mainly their Economic Development as well as Trade area building up in recent decades. The Text for your decisions-making, is based on their GDP <and their Level of Welfare>. In reviewing last decade, <having relatively high GDP level> is the Red China. Following by Red China, we have superpower New Empire of Russia.

Looking through the forms of Diplomatic Activities, then, we realize in the East Side, the two superpowers of Russia and Red China are sticked together; however, in the West Side, we have EU, Australia and the United States of America. This form of dividing these two sides are based on the Variable of The East Sea and The Ukraine recent events.

However, if we analyze their deeper Qualities, we realize the West Side is more seductive than the East Side in their seen Mission. For the comparison of their Inner Force, by measuring their DGP and External Trade so far, then the Two Sides, not necessarily Who wins Who? We must deeply consider in their Peace Ideology, Humanity Love and Conscience, etc.. If they are in Compromise Spirit together, Mankind will have their Independence in life. However, we must consider and add the new test of Profits? Because Money is always influencing as the Bait of Human Beings in several forms, such as High Style Living greed or Corruption, gradually lead to their Depression or Destruction, etc..?

We suppose in this New Challenge of the World Superpowers, their Usage of Human Qualities are respected equally, there will be No Pain for Mankind. But if there is few < Real Bad Humans>, will of course cause Sufferings for the World of Mankind, absolutely.

They only think about their Strength and aim at competing their highest postion. Their Peace Ideology is not classified as the priority, so, The World Community will be dragged into several future Implications! and our Mankind’s Independence and Peace will be out of our reach. Then, the outcome is our World War which will lead to our Global Destruction!

The Possibilities would be also happened are: The remaining Superpowers, with high Social Ideology, know how to avoid their Bad Practices towards Each Other. With their Compromises and Friendship Practices just for Improvements, due to their Humanity Love Expression, in the fields of Mutual Economic and Social Developments in equal proportions.. The Earth would be better changing?

But also, if they refused & created more tensions in competition, what events <will be happening to our planet?>. Would It be the Sorrowful Destruction of Of World?

Vanson Tran

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