(Essay, Pavalering Social & Contemporary Events Issues)

 Some Superpowers are passionately climbing to their Peak Fame:

 Featured in Current Affairs, Red China,  New Russia and the Islamic State in the  Middle East, North Africa, Iran that has just been lifted by the West & USA embargoes, could be the sources of the launch of the World War III;  because through the Attitude & Action (Thinking & Doing) of these Superpowers or Aggressive Ones.. The other States surrounding these Superpowers, just because of their related Alliance to be alive and standing on this Side or the Other Side, temporarily or permanently in this WWIII. There is the question: What about Australia, Canada, North Korea, India, Brazil, Venezuela, and some relatively strong Nations  in the International Community? According to us, they may not be the Main Character playing this World Chess Game, but Outsiders watching the Game, with their Standpoint Position related closely to this Side or the Other One.

 Superpower New Russian Empire:

Watch out as of Today, Russian President Putin triumphantly captured the Port of Crimea and some Ukraine Eastern Provinces, which the US and EU want to actively protect,  still hesitated and waiting for some variables in the Region. However, the ambition of Mr.Putin probably will not stop here. Because Russia does not have enough force to promote a War Occupation in the area that the New Empire want to realize. Perhaps, his ambition does not seem to have a completed Dream or a fulfilled Talent and Capacity enough in this area, especially NATO + USA is a strong obstacle that President Putin still hesitates? Just look through the linked Trips to Overseas of  Russian Diplomats, we can find out, their non eligible hidden Number of Russia to launch the Invasion War in the Territory aiming at Creating The Golden Age as the old USSR previously. On  one hand he has convinced the former Union Leaders of  Baltic, North Asia, and mixed Nations, both in the Middle East, such as Syria, Egypt, Iran, etc .. but their  forms of Culture, Conflict Religions and Races in this domain are very complex, as we’ve seen USA having to withdraw out of the Land of Gold Country, trying to walk away from these people? If there is not too much, the launching of A Potential War can not be done, Russia needs at least 1-2 decades, if still maintaining Its Ambitions of Building A New Russian Empire? We put aside the New Russian Empire, and try to look at Red Chinese, after Communist Phase,  to see what It is?

 Superpower Red China, or Post Communist China:

I must say, the Group of Chinese Leaders, Post Communist Period, have gained very good results of having tried to build their Economy with outstanding score, by moving their Continental Economy to the  modern world number 2, but the Behavior of Red China, recently showed in the areas of Thinking as well as Doing Things with a lot of  misunderstandings of their Own Culture, as well as the Global Cultural Situation. The division situation of Races and Religions, particularly the Human Rights in the Mainland China are still confused, as one Tibet,  one Xinjiang (Uyghur Muslim people of Middle Eastern), one Taiwan (The Nationalist People of China under former President Chiang Kai-shek), then Hong Kong and the Overseas Chinese People, etc..  Furthermore, the Intellectuals of the Chinese People, seem to defy the Morality Codes of Communist Leaders governing the Nation as of today. In term of Economic and Social Affairs, the Wealthy & Poor Gap, estimated about 60% or over of the population, still living  in poverty, & illiteracy. While, Red China Government does not advocate putting Chinese Culture which  has been sunk its Quality for a long time, in order to make the Chinese People happier, to have a beautiful Standard Life, living with proud of their Cultivars and Civil Integration, and their Patriotism. Several people tend to exit their Complex and Dark Land  to have A freedom life outside of  their Country, etc .. Thus, we know that, as they lack the Justice Road to go and  Characters to Build their Nation, in general. While they were determined to maintain an ideology inconsistent with the Times and International Situation, as well as the Desire of their own People in Chinese Nrmal Life. So, whether they want to pinch in the majority of Small Countries in Asian Region and especially,  in Southeast Asia, they would have to encounter some common interests and the Rights of the  Trafficking International other Superpowers as well. Even Red China seems to be ambitious, but especially their Real Capacity does not meet this High Dream, particularly their Own People with Intelligent Intellectuals, or Real Patriotic Class. etc … They are unlikely to be acceptable to have this Project Implementation with Weak Expansionist Power & Contradic to the Benefits of other Superpowes in the World. We think, Red China  has to take from 2-4 decades more with their New Hope for the Creation of Their Own Cultural Sustainability. If not, It would be like the Qin Emperor < Qin Shi Huang>, Who himself shattered his work alone?

 United States, European Union and NATO TC:

 In the course of history, what Role has the United States played? It has been  creating both International Friends has, as well as many Hostile Countries, by the Policy Making in  its Way? However, in the path of Think Tank Views and  Action, the United States and the European Union are still  keeping their World Alliance, to influence thinking and behavior of the whole world,  thanks to their upper welloff Societies and Resources after World War II and Cold War. In summary, this type of Cultural Chracters,  in the present World Chess, the United States and the European Union seem to have been based on the remarkable foundation that knows the Mediation and Promotion in  the Mankind Activities better than the Communist Bloc, I means The previous Soviet Union which  has collapsed and the Post Communist Bloc Today. After 1945 onward, the making of this reconciliation, has created  a form of Globalization < of Economic and Social Development> for the World Community in general, specially in the most recent new term of US President B. Obama , his original Color Skin? On the one hand, the US Economy has started wearing a Public Heavy Debt Burden by last President Bush Junior’s Government having left, especially in the Gulf War. The Debt has raised up to 10 trillions of dollars, and all Americans could have to pay off this debt in  several years. Policies and Ethnic Reconciliation of Economic and Social Development to improve Human Rights of all nations could be the Outstanding Direction of Evolution and very impressive, but;  also because of these  economic interests, that could help keep track of Ambitious Leaders of Dictatorship and selfish, as they competed, pinched togethe &, wanted to pass over each other.  This Factor  should have created a new Cold War, as we see beside the USA and the European Union, there are 3-4 New Super insurgent strong New Faces as Red China New Empire, the New Russian Empire, the New Islam Block (known as ISIS or IRAN), or some Others, that will be networked into later Alliances, etc.. as Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, etc. .. when The World War III will from, in which, Three Four or Five Nation will be in the Wartime? We had to rely on the time factor and the current exchange hub, to preview the  Future Earth will look like? (To Be Continued).


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