Khuynh Hướng Cấp Tiến của đccs NGUYEN BA THANH

The Progressive Tendency Of Communist Comrade THANH NGUYEN BA
(Pavalering, Social Poem)

Listen the news of Comrade Nguyen Ba Thanh has lost, I read everything on the Internet immediately as well as our different Cultural Corners.. Even in the moment, when Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh had his last breath! I was less biased with the Essence Communists. Indeed, if <No fire, without smoke?>
Most People living in Danang, there are some crying, some so sad! Is this true that If Vietnamese Communist Party’s Quality has a 60-70% of Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh, I was pretty and better for Our Fatherland? Perhaps many regions would be like the Development of Đa Nang; Poor and rich households are less distant from each other as the present?

I have also looked the students accrossing over too small rivers in a few Highland Regions like Kontum or somewhere else, as well. Through the River, a Person was located in a Plastic Bag, and it was a must; Because of the small bridge where should be built but the Communist Government has forgotten? Corruption flooded with several Groups of Worms, everywhere!
The Situation makes People poverty, malnutrition, hunger?

At present, the Mansion Buildings have been grown recently abound ..
Where does the money come from when we were in guerrilla Personal holes? A changed Life In The Material Alienation Status has downgraded our better Qualities for our Nation, then ourselves, all are being turned down our hearts, our patriotism? Now, whether we are living in the more Comfortable Houses with high doors and larger gates, but our Country desolation, and our Heart never end our People Reconciliation? Looking at so many cadre delegations from Urbans to Rurals, Petitioners remain, a thousand times, overloaded Complaints?

The wealth gap, we may see through the Salary Gap. The Circumstances for our country are so sad! Many Workers to Export, Young Women to Get Foreigners .. Through the Day! Tears! when two primary flags color, no Combined or In Harmony? Overseas, Domestic … What Have We Done For All People, or our Culture of Vietnam? Our Ancestors witness the reasonable or unreasonable causes? Please Reflection and Sharing Positive heart in it! To our Vietnamese Culture Panel page! Politics must Be Thought & Practiced For Our Real Freedom, Civil Rights & Radically Progressive! For our whole People, Humanity Quality must be elevated for good, according to the Sample Mirror of Comrade Nguyen Ba Thanh?
Or at least our hearts are less conviction remorse?

We call upon all leaders .. on this occasion, be awakened & adjustments must be done for quick .. From the Constitution to the Unity of All People order to gain the spirit of Dien Hong as <The Period Of Invaded Mongols Invasion> of our Famous General Tran Hung Dao!

Trong Thuy Son – Former Officers Thu Duc, Republic of South VN
Inspiration Writing to hear DCCS Nguyen Ba Thanh dies.

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