Triết Lý Hiện Sinh

(Chuyển Ngữ)


 Spring Time comes only one time.  It flies so fast, so, how many times have you loved?  When Spring is pending, Let’s Color our Life.  Time runs quite fast and , early winter snow starts falling! No more remaining at anywhere, or sometimes,  playful teasing a couple of butterflies.  They are joking with flowers, voluntarily release teaser warm soft words? Hey! Let’s go out for more dating? Take you to dinner .. together we go see the sea breeze sunset. The Sea Waves dance in a psychedelic high.

 That Natural & Wonderful Body havs suggested the Spring Love! Then how about we watch each other.  How many more moments spring colors will be fading? Once upon a child, many times have you dreamed of It ? Probably, we’ve been dreaming of spring moon thousands of times?  Even, She is a dreamy rural woman ..

 The  Dream is the white spring?  She has also dreamed of his Lover to gain his Graduated Degree after being finished, then, she will opene her yellow spring garden to get the  moon spring light watering the spring time.. It is so beautiful her Spring Garden! The tea tree leaves, so aromatic when being marinade falter? Today we are drinking a kind of Lotus that is so Fragrant!  The Lotus Leave looks so wonderful when you are lying! I feel heaven …. Somwhere it is heard a wandering song, so softened! How many Same Song Feng? Talk to the other end .. Picking Spring!  Showing songs .. wandering soft heart! How many same Songs are we offering each other? Please offer each other to the end ..when we are picking Spring! Time will come to the Spring End?  And when Winter comes, east end, You and I will … once more to Love Existentially ourselves?  Vanson Tran

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