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 General Discussion Of Inflation and Deflation:

Viewing generally into a certain Market in which,  Goods are naturally unsold for The Need of Buyers enough, they do not need anymore. Whether Selling them with cheapest price, they even do not buy It is because the Bloc of Commodities> Block of Money In The Bag of Buyers? This situation will lead to very cheap goods, but Nobody Buys Them.  That is the Reason of A Larger Supply than The Need; Am I  right Readers? Then, the living conditions are changed with time & in this same market, Commodities are very highly required, they are all sold out .. So, it is a time of Higher Need  than the Supply; Commodity Supply shortage & insufficient. We understand easily what form it is? Yes, Goods Price is high but We can not find the goods?  Thus, the Money Block> Commodity Bloc? It is a form of Inflation. In short, Inflation = Money> Commodities;  Led to the scarcity of Goods, although People have a lot of money. Money And Reduce Development <Goods – Cheap, but It brought to the Consumer. You relive every times of Bo Bo Economy, Vùng Kinh Tế/Regional Economy, Household Control Economy, and later,  under The Directed KTXHCN to Free Economy, ect … There were different levels of Deflation or Inflation? Yes, learn more and deeperly in each Period, You could find out their causes and consequences, why? Then to China? Why does China get Deflation at the moment? It is Understandable, They Work and  Work, without Stop,  Hungry Eating as well, so they stored a lot of Surplus meanwhile Merchandise Exports are stuck,  as advocated by the Group Leaders Of Red China.  Is this right that Their Policy an Error? Or The Red China’s Undertakings?

 The Economy and Economic Management Of The Country:

You temporarily stand at the position in the Business Administration,  in one market,  for the others, you should have a balance, in another word,  not Deflation and not Inflation? In the United States, with 50 states, we can also consider One of the 50 markets there. In the National Economic Activities, how can we attain the Equalization of <Production & Consumption>? Or in other words, the number of supply and demand, of 300 million mouths to feed? And in China,  at the pier of  1.3 billion mouths, & in Vietnam, thes 96.2 million of mouths?

 For example, look at the number of supply / demand for 100 million mouths of VN, do you see the Equalization or not? Surely not? Why? at that point? Must Exam carefully each section, Analysis and Improve the defected Reasons, etc .. Maybe we could find a certain level of Equalization and its Principle.   Keep in mind that it can be happened in any Economy, Vietnam, China and even USA too. So the Economy and Business Management Subject becomes very important, accompanied by many other Dependent Subjects, etc.


Example A as in a Domain A, a region of Agriculture in VN having been fell into Inflation or Deflation Status, we must  trace the natural range of factors or Reasons  happened and how to improve .. Do you agree? Deflation:  means the Commodities having poored in this Region are overloaded, excess, or no one buys anymore .. or other situation, like Poor Salary can not consume more Goofs, they only buy necessities, sufficient enough to live alone. If we want to increase their consumption levels, how to Increase Income of the Individuals and their Families, I mean  for the whole region? It is the Policy of Economy stimulus? Inflation: Commodities in this Region become scarce, because their demand is higher, because of their higher income level in this area,  is very positive, low unemployment, etc .. Therefore, it is very essential to improve the Supply, or the Provision of Commodity Supply Level to meet the Demand of the Masses.

 The Philosophy of Saving and Consumption:

 In the US, having observed on the Utility Needs for Homes, Housing Facilities, Dining & Entertainment Needs & Recreation, etc .. It can be measured in the Market with different Indexes, generally the Needs, from Small to Large, etc. .. Some Questions to be asked, like Do the Production or Manufacturing Companies know?  Do we have enough  Storage Warehouses, especially Periodic Levels, etc.  Other fields to be considered are  Sales Management, Warehouse and Related Variety Companies in The Channel for Economic Activities of this Supply and Demand.  Often the Administration  have different Storage levels, Fast, Slow, Safe, … Additional items or differnt kinds of items.

  Economic Philosophy of US Market is CONSUMPTION, encouraging elements related to improve Needs of People … Hence the Growth factors SUPPLY & DEMAND, in the Slow or Developing Countries, people often their Saving every penny,  Taking and Saving without dare to consume. This is Philosophy Of Savings, and For Investment. Look at China in recent 30 years, the Government Policy or the Philosophy Of Savings & Investment, They do not improve Raises for the masses, Personal Salary or Income at minimum rates, just enough to live on, where they don’t use money to buy Houses, Buy Cars, and Buying Social Utilities or Having their Regular Needs. The Critical Number of People’s Demand is still low and poor. At Low level, because of poverty of the people; At Poor level, because of their Slow Evolution of Economic Aspect and  Life Human Services having Corruption Status is often happened than Good Sharing and Improvement for the People’s Welfare?

 Conclusion: How To Do now?

The Market and The Important Indexes of Needs and Supply are the Portions in a Larger Equation of Equalization the Prosperity and Economic and Social Welfare of All People, even in a Nation or in the World Community. Once there is Corruption, that means, Some Parts are Blocked in the Equation;  the majority of people are still poor, only a minority becomes Rich, beside Society will happen the Discrimination in the People Classes, others could become rich while majority are still poor.  Society has No Human Love, Quality Narcissism, Exclusive Right is too high, reducing the Patriotism, lacking of Humanity, falling on Hard Improvement Status, the Social Dual Wealth & Poor Condition will be lasted for centuries.


Thus, for how long, Leaders of the National Dictatorship there, holding Rich Power of One Country, no Equalization Compromising of Human Rights a Righteousness and Integrity, the main direction will be destroyed,  not only themselves, their Family, and their Friends but also, for their Fatherland as well. We hope that they will understand further and further to Reflect Their Thought and their patriotism, to Regulate their Philosophy of Thinking and Operating in this Human Life.

 We thought and thought, and only think of one answer & that is: The Leaders of A Country  should have very high Patriotism and Genuine,  driving their Homeland in A Life of Economic Prosperity & Equalization Status  for Full Population, instead of a few class with power and totalitarian as Current, even in China, as well as in Our Fatherland? During the past Social Revolutions, the Social Philosophers were not teach us the Selfish  Lesson , Sectarian, Corruption, Exclusive and Deceit Directions.  In addition, the Books of The Social Philosophy and Religion also uphold the Human Rights Act, Equal Community,  and Building Prosperity as well Peace For All Mankind./.


Tran, Vanson – 1/2015


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