Common Questions:

In society, we see many magnificent urbans, majestic buildings, many monumental neighborhoods, perhaps because,  many Proffessional Builders & Architects and, having full Power and Capacity, to build them? Well, yes, because many recent building works, lack of Quality for some reason, when completed, the Project or unsustainable foundations, or material, etc .. collapsed. Works were scattered. On the topic we refer to “The Home of the Building Happiness”. The very building new Home of Happiness is the hardest job in our material life today. Why is that? Many couples in love, first love rooted in extremely close, and in fact, they collide because of the differences, conflicting, who likes this lifestyle, other likes the different one, then, they did not consider that when being very interested in love, until having two and then three children, began to realize that.. Selfish Wives, lack of communication to relatives &  friends, sometimes bullying husband, so do not  respect each other, gradually in the family, husband,  wife and children lack of altruism, quality, become difficult temperament, often creating serious arguments .. then gradually despised each other, because their serious quarrels,  sometimes Violence in the Family, etc … There have been several cases where husband and wife killed, Children with broken love, therefore, the Happiness totally collapsed .. the light Case may lead to hate each other, causing Divorce. Their children life in exile, panic, parish & strange .. bring the Scenes fall into uncheck,  waste and lost life!

 Today, the Subject of Sociology has the Statistics of Divorce comparing the Levels in our Nation, and comparable lifestyle Exemplar Culture and Ethics of Family and Community Welfare. We also think that the Educators, Religion, and Society Leaders are also dedicated their time to fix this Social Issues and hope that the cultural life of Our Humanity, would be  liberal and brighter in areas of Marriage and Love sustainable, especially our Youth entering adult life, to demand Builders Home of happiness by themselves.

 Learn intellectual ability?

Everyone knows that! But why do we are still broken? There are some of you that due to Astrology, the Weird .. There are some you think you are myopic, who lost the Initial Happiness, due to lack condescend, mediation without giving up the own Ego, the pride in your own personality? Philosophers say about love, when being alienated in Love, the one on the right depending on the other, but the Achievement of Love is to know Mediation and Domestically coexistence, mostly you should know how to maintain  Solidarity in love of your Family andyour Children.

 The Areas For Love & Happiness Home  Building?

Our previous generation has a proverb, “Same Chords are met in the same Sound respectively, Opposite Chords conflict in their Sound” to indicate the quality of musical instruments; they have the same chords to attain the new creation of wonderful & great Music? In life, we have God & Parents They gave us our capital grant, which is the Body and Soul. Body, I remember Mother or Father advice, must have a robust good looking body of a Soul which should be intelligent. This means that we have to know your Physical Well Being,  how to look? Be handsome for boys, or Be beautiful for girls, balancing is the best quality for their favorite Lovers, without being too fat or being too dwarf, etc .. But for your Intelligence, you have a liberal Soul, look far out & understand widely, appropriate sharing of labor and exchange with love for subtle, not too lavish nor too miserly, especially when communicate with Family and cousins of both sides. Also in our Society, you should also be a valuable picture; an image of not violent aggression, etc .. In our Normal Community, it usually refers to a social happiness equation (X) consists of three parts as follows: <X = A + B + C>:

 A: In the  Social Well Being – That means, You must be able to feed you and  your lover, materally, your Relationship must be comfortable – or the ability to make money / Material ..

B: In the  Mental Well Being- Wisdom, You must have a higher education, average or better – Architecture Arts and Professions makes you knowledgeable guides most your  beloved Wife and Children ..

C: In the Physical Well Being – You must exercise maintained Health – your Body must be easy to see and physiological capabilities, are not diseases, etc ..

 The Advantages and Obstacles How to maintain Your Home of Happiness?

Of course with our Pen short Essay, we could not share with you about the Pros and the Cons in maintaining the Home of Love and Happiness of your own. But, even in several Researches, the  literature, music & modern or traditional, we also found out the Goodpoints or Shortcomings in the Material Quality, both Physical & Spiritual Aspects, how to build out  Home of Happiness.  One factor that we do not deny from the Mystery Aspect of Fortune Tellers or Natural Predictors, State General Numbers, generally speaking, are the weird prediction: Man has his fate, and each country, has too, in the proverb, <Nation has Its Fate, People have Theirs Too>?

 Conclusion: You, Yourselves: Just Being Together & Sharing offline!

Therefore, the theme of Constructing Your Home of Happiness, will depend on the intellectual ability and maneuvering or the struggle of each of us, in the space that Fate has given us, from Personal, to the whole Class. For how long, we do not evolve our Mind Ability and the occupied Material Means, or even our very Misleading Directions, our Situation does not get along with Best Conditions, the Construction Quality could not met the Standard of A Home of Happiness, and also the Home of A Culture, the One of Our County as well … Our Country will be lost and scattered in Human Life.  Our Old Ancestors often counsel us by the proverb or folk song in life as follows:

      <A tree should not make anything; but  Three trees join together, can make a high mountain>

      <If Being United we survive, if Being Divided, Then We Will Be Dead>

 In my opinion, let’s draft; then we should check the Quality of Mental and Physical Materials, be cautious How To Build Our Home of Happiness as well as Our Own Country!  Increasingly to our Heart with Narcissism, Discrimination,  Divided Ourselves together without adding the Construction Quality essence of Human Culture, of course, Our Home of Happiness will wobble and collapse also!

 Vanson Tran – 1/2015

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