Cờ Đỏ & Cờ Vàng



(Palavering Cultural & Social Poem)

 Due to the Status of Our Differences, 2 Flags Harmony can not be compromised?

Hence, we naturally have  the situation, “He Said Chickens, but She Said Ducks” .. that’s all?

If the brothers and sisters in my very Family, together sitting down and..

Listening each other to discuss .. Perhaps, our Family & Brothers’ Love Is not Stressful?

And Each person’s View would have been reconciled long time ago?

But when, we do not have a referendum .. Their standpoints are completely different..

Meanwhile, their political stances, too Fundamentalistic & opposite, <Win Party and Lose One>?

I remember ,the History of Vietnam, had many Wars, with differnt Phases …

Considered the Coup of Trinh & Le dynasty as the term <Tay Son Militants Group>?

After this period, VN History has been Improved and Historical  Books corrected It several times? times? And the new Books declared <King Quang Trung, An Hero of Vietnam?

Gia Long’s reign, after destroying  the Tay Son Group, declared the  victory with an arrogant attitude?  What Flag did  Vietnam have selected in these Invading Phases?

There was A Famous  Proverb <Please Try avoiding Elephants>?

Therefore, the Flag of Our Fatherland has also been swung in Multiple Periods?

Talk about the  Periods of few recent Centuries of Vietnam ..

Our People Heart in our Country has become separate and caused our bad situation <Killing Each Other>?

Personally, I think Our Heart  has been just transforming, due to Different Social  Circumstances? But if the facts are examined closely, we are all Vietnamese people?

Like many of the Folk Songs <Ca Dao>, My Mom often sang for my sleep when I was a kid…

(Bầu ơi thương lấy Bí cùng.  Tuy rằng khác Giống nhưng chung một Giàn”

(I translated the above sentence with my understanding below; because there is no English Term)

“Even the Squashes and the Pumpkins are different species, but they are in the same garden, same rig”

Following Times, our Culture has lost several Qualities in It…

In Summary, our Generation’s Knowledge still be being swung?

From Human Heart to our present Culture, we’ve past Thousand of Years ..

Our historical background has been still bending in our hearts with anguish?

According to these phases of Time, our Nation has been lacking of Cultural Qualities?

Therefore, the Compromise Situation has not found or caught between Brothers ..

Until Today, we haven’t really found our Sympathy Placenta and our Reconciliation together?

Choosing 1 of the National Flags, it is not affordable and  still biased?

In my opinion, we need to trace out what the Rough Scores in of Historical Range where Failed Trips Come from?

Together let’s bring … our Best  Material Knowledge for our Mediation and Sit Together in our same Tables ..?

So,  the Hope for Vietnamese Culture, will be brighter?

And, The Quality and Evolution will be to reconcile the Masses?

And from there, the patriotism of Us will ..

        Make a Good Choice For Our Fatherland, with our Comforting Heart?


Vanson Tran – 11/2014

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