Bên Trong hay Bên Ngoài Quỹ Đạo Văn Hóa? (Việt/Mỹ)

(Palavering Social Poem)

From the Earth Someone was thrown into that Space…
According to imagination, there are Orbits being contained in It immediately ..
In this Succession, and the Wings of the Birds fly ..
It will pass from the In to the Out of the Orbit ..
Each of the in/out layers of the Orbit ..
Absolutely, It contains much more Data..the Data of the In and The Out
I call them the Colors of this Fact ..
That Color Class, again, has many colors and materials ..
Such as Air, Temperature, and Pressure ..
I just think like that and because, I’m not a Scientist ..
But take a look, the Patriots have been released out..
Naturally, from a Cultural Environment being dyed with Red Hues ..
There are also a lot of Orbits in this very Environment as well…
But now, It’s not the Inner or the Interior, just because of this Escape?
The Birds will face more pressure?
Just because they’ve chosen the Exterior, not the Interior of the Orbit?
Well my Friend, just collect the Cases and study the Facts ..
Let’s see how long you will be aware of the Different Colors?
And you will see, how is “your Capability Integration Effort” into this Orbit?
With the Results after A Chain Of Integration on You?
According to my personal experience, then the main factor of ” I’m still survival or not”?
It is only one option, especially, depending on the Individual Environmental Context ..
Like I’ve been being lost in a forest area ..
Which is probably the Cultural Result of A Cup Of Star Buck Coffee?
It is also possible that the Yellow Flag having flew for many years in the Wind ..
My Idol Today is My Individual Income?
At the Retirement Age which has been depleted ?
While Mankind Culture Is still pushing each other, no stopping any Catch Up?

Vanson Tran- 10/2014

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