What Will Socialist Vietnam’s Economy Be in Near Future?

KINH TẾ VN-XHCN 2014- Tương Lai sẽ ra sao?

Trong Chiều Hướng Đổi Mới Định Hướng Theo Thị Trường Kinh Tế Thị Trường Tư Bản, CĐ Thế Giới cho rằng đây là một Dấu Hiệu Tốt cho Việt Nam. Tuy nhiên một số Chuyên Gia đã tiên đoán rằng Càng Tiến Bộ trong Hạ Tầng Cơ Sở Kinh Tế, Người Dân VN càng tiến gần và đam mê Chủ Nghĩa Tư Bản nhiều hơn CĐ-XHCN. Xem ra, đây có phải là Đường Nghịch Chiều cho Chế Độ CSVN hay không? Vậy ước mong rằng, KTVN-XHCN sẽ gia tằng vào những năm tới càng cao càng tốt, vì lý do, Dân Chúng VN càng ngả sang CĐ Tư Bản TTKT càng nhiều hơn? Cũng theo Kinh Nghiệm Kinh Tế, của các Quốc Gia Chậm Tiến, khi thoát ra khỏi tình trạng thấp kém thì Tình Trạng Tham Nhũng phải bão hòa đã, có nghĩa là Giai Cấp Quyền Lực và các Nhóm Quyền Lợi phải hội đủ, hoàn thành Tầng Lớp Trung Lưu đã (giống như các QG Tây Phương vậy), rồi sau đó mọi Tầng Lớp Dân Chúng mới được hưởng.. Nhưng đây cũng là Thời Kỳ Biến Xác, Chuyển Hóa của Giai Cấp Lãnh Đạo có Quyền Lực.. trong nhiều Dạng như Các Đại Gia tẩu tán tài sản sang Ngoại Quốc, như nhiều ngàn Triệu Phú Hoa Lục di dân và Tài Sản sang các Nước Tây Phương, nhiều Đại Gia các QGCS cho Con Em sang học và mua Địa Ốc ờ Hải Ngoại, vv.. Và sau cùng là Sự Biến Thể của Chủ Nghĩa XH/CS sang Tự Do Dân Chủ, giống như Miến Điện đang chữa những Vết Thương Rớm Máu của Dân Tộc hầu Sinh Tồn. Chúng Tôi hi vọng là Giai Đoạn X tương lai, sẽ là Giai Đoạn Thoải Mái của Người Dân Nghèo Khổ Việt Nam trong những năm bị đau khổ vừa qua. Xin mời độc giả đọc thếm Tài Liệu Tham Khảo của Chúng Tôi sau và chúc Quý Vị Còn Nghèo Khổ trong Quê Hương Niềm Hi Vọng.

Vanson Tran – 10/2014

What VN-socialist Economic Future 2014- will be like?

In the Direction Of its New Orientation Change Into the Market <Capitalist Market Economy>, the World Community said that this is a good sign for Vietnam. However, some experts have predicted that more Progress in Economic Infrastructure, The Democratic VN closer and passion Capitalists more than the Regime of Socialists. Watch out, is this the Contrary Road for the communist regime leaders or not? So wished, VN Economy-now socialist, will increase, in the coming years as high as possible, for some reason, as a blaze Democratic Trend to be nearer Capitalism than that of Communism? According to the Experience of several Specialists in Economy, of the developing countries, the exit status is inferior corruption to saturation, which means that Phase Power Supply and the Interest Group to meet, finished the middle class has (like the National Western) , and then all strata of the population enjoying new .. But this is also variable Determination period, the period of Transformation Leadership with power supply .. in many form as the Great Family dispersing assets to Foreign Nations, as many thousands Millionaire mainland immigrants and Property to the West Countries, many Children of Rich Families are sent to Univeristies Overseas, many buys Real Estates Overseas, etc. .. And the last one is interesting that the variation of the Socialist/Communist Characters will trend to become the Liberal Democrats, like Burma having been treating its Social Wounds bleeding in the most of its Ethnic groups and people for Survival. We hope that Future Phase X, will be the Phase comforting the poor people in Vietnam to get ridge of all the past suffering years. Please readers, read more Or Richful References for Your Hopes.
NGUỒN THAM KHẢO: rfa & vài References rất có ấn tượng khác sau đây:

Theo RFA.ORG: * Kinh tế Việt Nam đạt mức tăng trưởng cao trong nửa năm đầu 2014 với 5,18%, trong khi ảnh hưởng từ những vụ biểu tình bạo động chống Trung Quốc không đến nỗi tệ như quan ngại. Theo chuyên gia về Châu Á Sudhir Shetty của Ngân Hàng Thế Giới, sự giải quyết nhanh chóng trong bối cảnh phải chịu đựng những khó khăn như thế là một điều đáng kinh ngạc, cho thấy Việt Nam đang cố gắng bảo vệ kinh tế khỏi những áp lực chính trị. (rfa)

End of Communism Cheered but Now with More Reservations
Nov 2, 2009 – One of the most positive trends in Europe since the fall of the Wall is a … Nonetheless, sizable percentages of people in former communist … More than three-quarters of Hungarians (77%) are dissatisfied with the … think the country is on the wrong track (91%) and that the economy is in bad shape (94%).
Missing: love – Post-communism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia – The post-communist economic transition was much more abrupt and aimed at … with their flat tax rates) are actually more capitalist than Western Europe. Economic trends associated with post-communism include denationalization, … both economic analysis and anecdotal case studies, can be found in Charles Paul Lewis’s …
Marxism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia – Marxism encompasses an economic theory, a sociological theory, … Communism would be a classless, stateless, humane society erected on ….. that some people subjugate and exploit other people, you’re lost in a forest, not knowing anything. … will be far better for the majority of the populace than its capitalist counterpart …
If communism was working the way its progenitors wanted it …
TED: The main reason why communism was made was people wanted to be … If communism was working as it should be, would it be better than capitalism? … just for the failure of the communism — for example, also the latest economic … I guess there are many who think similarly as you wrote about how it should be in politics.
Why Marxism is on the rise again | World news | The Guardian
http://www.theguardian.com › World › Communism
The Guardian: Jul 4, 2012 – Sales of Das Kapital, Marx’s masterpiece of political economy, have … Clearly, more than two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the … You’d think. … west: for younger people, it is untainted by association with Stalinist gulags. …. But does reading Marx and Engels’s critique of capitalism mean that you …
What did Karl Marx think of Capitalism – Answers.com
http://www.answers.com › … › Philosophy and Philosophers › Karl Marx
Egalitarianism is a trend of thought in political philosophy. An egalitarian favors equality of some sort: People should get the same, or be treated the same, or be … being more progressive that Feudalism, and Communism more progressive than Capitalism. … You can’t plan the economy of any society on a grand scale.
Vladimir Lenin – Wikiquote
Wikiquote : You can become a Communist only when you enrich your mind with a knowledge of all the … that are absurd and reactionary both in the economic and the political sense. … The progressive historical role of capitalism may be summed up in two brief …. International unity of the workers is more important than the national.
The Failure of the Left and Communism Today – The European
May 19, 2014 – But that is something way older than capitalism and not specific to it. It has to do more with industrialization, urbanization, specialization – but … Today, economists talk about art, love and corruption. … Here you see how economic our thinking has become. …. The European: Because people trust its value.
[PDF]“The West” in Russian Mentality – Nato
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
by G Diligensky – ‎Cited by 5 – ‎Related articles
the Western one and focuses more on socio-economic rights than on … Russians always viewed the West “with hatred and love” (an expression …. “Italians did not exist as a people for thousands of years, but without existence as a …. Yet even after the attempted coup against this new thinking by hard line communists,.
One Man’s View – Chomsky.info
QUESTION: Do you think that within our society as it is now composed there should … with, say, Western Europe, that by the general standards of the Western European … CHOMSKY: Well, I don’t care what kind of opinions people have. … and he discovered that more than 95% of them make no mention whatsoever of the …

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