The Religion & Society

(Thơ Phiếm luận, Xã hội)

Lịch Sử Loài Người, gần đây lộn xộn?
Giữa Giáo Tôn, Ý Hệ Xã Hội & Sự Công Bằng?
Tôn Giáo Đam Mê và Ý Hệ Xã Hội cũng Đam Mê..
Vào Chiều Hướng khiến Bộ Óc Người Cuồng Tín?
Dạng Nhà Nước Hồi Giáo ước mơ thành Thánh Giáo?
Khai Triển mơ hồ trong Niềm Cuồng Tín mà thôi?
Các Giáo Tôn và Ý Hệ Xã Hội Cộng Sản cũng Hụt Hơi?
Không Đứng Vững vì Xây Cất trên Móng Nền Giả Tưởng?
Vị Thượng Đế của Vũ Trụ & Loài Người chưa Xuất Hiện?
Chỉ là Dựa Theo vài Kinh Thánh không rõ Nguồn?
Nguồn Xuất Xứ và Cơ Sở Khoa Học không thể Chứng Minh?
Niềm Tin Ấy, theo tôi, vẫn chỉ là Giả Tưởng?
Ta không thể mang Giả Tưởng vào làm Nền Tảng?
Vì Mông Lung, và cũng vì rất Đa Dạng, Đa Chiều?
Nếu Chấp Nhận Một Đạo vào Nhân Loại Cộng Đồng?
Bạn có nghĩ cả Địa Cầu chỉ có một Tôn Giáo?
Cũng vậy, nều Chấp Nhận Ý Hệ XH Cộng Sản Chủ Nghĩa?
Không lẽ nào Toàn Thế Giới chỉ có Mầu Đỏ Sao Vàng?
Vậy Vai Trò Tôn Giáo, tuy rất tuyệt vời..
Song phải Sắp Xếp Thế Nào cho Ổn Định?
Bạn Giết Người vì Họ không cùng Tôn Giáo?
Bạn Tiêu Diệt Người vì Khác Đảng Phái với Mình?
Thế Giới Người sẽ Hỗn Loạn & Điêu Linh?
Bạn có nghĩ Đây Là một Mẫu Số Chung cho Nhân Loại?
Nếu ở Giai Đoạn Kiến Thức này, theo Tôi nghĩ..
Chúng Ta đều phải Vào Trường, học tiếp Tới Đích Chung?
Làm sao Ta có thể đạt đến Sự Cảm Thông?
Để Xây Dựng một Nền Hòa Bình và Công Binh Xã Hội?
Loài Người phải Biết Sống Chung trong Môi Trường Dị Biệt?
Mà Nét Công Bằng Xã Hội vẫn được Thực Hiện Quân Bình?
Và phải chăng, Ý Kiến Các Bạn cũng Giống Nhau?
Đó là một Kỷ Nguyên Thương Yêu & Tính Nhân Bản….

Tran, Vanson – 10/2014

(Idle Poetry conclusion, Society)

Human history, recent mess?
Between the Religion, Society & The Social Ideology System ?
Religion is Passionate and Social Ideology System is Passionate, too?
On the weir Direction where Human Brain have become Over Fanatic?
Look, The Form of Islamic State Doctrine and Its Dream to become A Crusade?
It Is Opening to A Form Of Being ambiguous & fanatical conviction alone?
The Other Religions and Social Communist Ideology was in shortness of breath?
There is No Strong Standing; because They Are Building In The fiction Foundations?
Our God of the Universe & The All Species Has Not Appeared Yet?
Not Enough, if we base Just as some Bible-Based unknown source?
Sources of Origin and the Base of Science can not prove?
So, Our Faith, in my opinion, is just A Fiction?
Assuming that, You can not establish This Base As An Unique Social Ideology or Religious Foundation?
Because They Are Immense, and also because, They Are Diversified, and Multi-Dimensional?
If Only A Path to be Adopted into the Community of Mankind?
Do you think the whole Earth is only one Religion?
Also, if one assumes only the Communist Ideogoly is the unique Social System?
Maybe, does This World Wide has only One Color: Only the Red Color & the Yellow Star?
So the Religious Role.. what will we classify? How to Sort Them to have a Stability Foundation?
Do You Kill All people because they are not the Same Your Religion?
Do You Destroy the Other Parties just because They are not Your Body?
Do You think The World Will Be A Chaos? and Tragedy Will Be Destroying Mankind?
Do you really think this is a Common Denominator for Mankind?
Accordingly, I personally think that If We Are At This Stage of Knowledge,
We Must Be In School and we have to Learn Again until We Have A Common Denominator for our Society?
Đó là một Kỷ Nguyên Thương Yêu & Tính Nhân Bản….
How can We Achieve A Common Empathy?
For Building a Foundation for Peace and Social Justice?
Knowing How To Peacefully Coexistence Together in An Evironment Of Diversities with Differences?
While Our features of Social Justice Are still Balanced in Societal Performances?
And, furthermore, Is Your Idea Similar, the Same?
Because, It’s an Era of Love & Humanism… on the Globe!

Tran, Vanson – 10/2014
Does ISIS Represent True Islam? | TGC | The Gospel Coalition…/does-isis-represent-tr…
The Gospel Coalition
Sep 22, 2014 – He also discusses the other motives ISIS has for claiming territory in …. Do you think that ISIS is adhering more closely to the Koran than moderate Mulsims are? … There is no mention by the interviewee of the social justice issues involved. …. holy man and their scripture because those things are objective.
“Assad and ISIS, they’re both the same” | Syria Freedom ……/assad-and-isis-theyre-both-the-sa…
Jan 14, 2014 – The Syrian revolutionary masses have proven for a while that their revolution is … of the other peoples uprisings and struggles for democracy and social justice. … the revolution and achieve its objectives and those who oppose it. … Where do you think will the clashes between ISIS and other rebels lead to?
Glen Ford’s blog | Black Agenda Report › Blogs
Oct 1, 2014 – The U.S. bombing campaign over Syria has two objectives: (1) “ISIS … Obama will switch quickly to direct air aggression against the Syrian State. … Caucus for its collective crimes against Black people, social justice …. If you believe that, then you are probably a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Two Reasons ISIS Is Even More Terrifying Than You Think ……/two-reasons-isis-is-even-more-terrifying-than-…
Big Think: Sep 5, 2014 – “Our objective is clear,” Mr. Obama said on Tuesday. … Vice President Joe Biden has even sharper words for ISIS: “We will follow them to the gates of Hell, until they are brought to justice,” he said in Portsmouth, New … implausible that the United States military, for all its force and firepower, can defeat ISIS.
I think referring to SJW issues as “social justice” is … – Reddit…/i_think_referring_to_sjw_issues_as_social_justi…
Aug 27, 2014 – When you think about it, the term “social justice” has no … I think it’s quite the predicament, it would be nice if a new phrase came into power … Considering I can’t do much regardless of what ISIS names themselves, nothing. ….. I don’t think there is some kind of objective metaphysical standard to which if …Seeking Social Justice Through Globalization: Escaping a …
Gavin Kitching – 2010 – ‎Law
Now, as its name implies, the main objective of ISI was to industrialize a particular … Sometimes countries did this by setting up their own nationalized or state … But since the 1980s most of these poor countries have concluded that ISI was a … they had come by the 1980$ to think that it had exhausted its capacity to help …
As US Bombs ISIS in Syria, Even Some Pro-War Pundits ……
Sep 24, 2014 – September 23, 2014 As US Bombs ISIS in Syria, … When superpower Goliath is challenged by sudden savagery, it has no … “My own mistake was thinking more about the justice of … Not only do these wars fail their objectives—establishing peace and … For Email Marketing you can trust …
Center for Democracy & Human Rights in Saudi Arabia …
In other words, if Saudi women are allowed to drive, they will lose their virginity and …. and export them to spread their influence and achieve their objectives will do so. … this is precisely what Bin Laden and ISIS have proclaimed in their manifestos. ….. who have given up hope for peaceful political reforms and social justice.
Will al Qaeda fight ISIS Islamic state? –
Jul 2, 2014 – ISIS leader has declared re-establishment of the caliphate, and appointed … liaison officer for Qulliam, a think tank formed to combat extremism. … but will likely fail to deliver any meaningful level of social justice in … Al Qaeda will now want to challenge ISIS’s appropriation of its key objectives and tactics.
Muslim Brotherhood – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That was expanded into a five-part slogan: “God is our objective; the Qur’an is the … The Muslim Brotherhood has been suppressed in other countries as well, most …. and preaches that Islam will bring social justice, the eradication of poverty and … According to al-Banna, contemporary Islam had lost its social dominance, …

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