Trong Địa Cầu 7 tỷ Người, Những Bách Phân Mỗi Tôn Giáo Như Thế Nào?



(Poetry Freelance, Palavering, Social Issue)


In the previous subject, we asked (Is The Communist Atheism or not)?

This article, we develop this subject to more angular views…

Planet Population as of today, it would be a 7 billion ..

How many Percent according to Islamic Religion?

What percentage under the Ancestorism Worship?

What percentage Is under the Catholicism?

(And how many Percent, accordance with Buddhism as well as Others?)

In Our Complete Universe, personally I still believe in One God …  

He is a high Mountain, very mysterious, unimaginable breed him?

He was also an architect, a great talent too!

Has built up a Super Project; That is the Universe?

Religions also, in my opinion, are just Several Roads ..

In His Past Thousand Years Travel, He left His Religion Seed, anywhere?

In the West, Christianity (TCG) is the Main Direction to Him?

In the East, He left different Religions, including the Biggest One, Buddhism?

Then gradually later, these Highways arising into a lot of Branches?

For example, the system of the Evangelical Mission Church (in TCG)?

And Phalun Cong, or PL Education, also from Buddhism, as Theravada branch for example?

I Have a Dream &  I pray every night .. In my dream, my aim is to unravel It, find a verse Question?

 I was located in my Life Dream and My Questions are Why Do The Human forced to bring A Lot of Complications?  Even I have been in Temples, and Churces, then in Education, a lonesome road.. but still be alone? Or sometimes, I stand by the River Life, quietly! Then I learn to pretty much to our Source of References Information.. More and more lonely, because I think Religion is a Form Of Alientation of the Brain?

Or sometimes, I stand by the river life, quiet!

My Vessel has been random me, seeing immense waves outside the Ocean ..

I still do not see any the  Lighthouse in The Sea? Why do I want to ask, is my life exile inept?

Human Wars have destroyed & scattered my parents? And, a lot of Tragedy have happened to my Country and my Innocent People?

The division between brothers and sisters and even the same People and Races?

What are the Types,  as much going on like IS, CS, New Greedy Empires? *

(* IS Islamic State, CS Communist,Russia and Red China)

I still have not found a conclusive sentence of the Above Topics ..

So I write This Palavering Social Issue or, comment Idle, Do you expect the Answer?

Both the Leaders of Superpowers, Strong Economy Nations and Religions ..

I hope that these Leaders  should form a Round Table Conference ..

Creating a Form Of Harmony, a form such as the League of Nations Organization ..

To meet the needs of the World?

I also hope that the UN forum will become the Clear Source like …

In the morning,  everything is the answer for the Human Questions ..

Questions and also the source of the Brighter Hope for Me ..

Being on the Lifestream with distressed exile status , in this  immense Ocean!


Tran, Vanson – 9/2014

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