(National Budgets & Bad Debts)
(Poem: Palavering, Economy & Finance, Social Issue)

VN-socialist & China all fall into bad debts (Bad Debts)
But the majority of Economy is the part of the National Business Form?
In the Modern Time, the Accounting Principles of Majority of Nations..
They have applied, under the Model of American Accounting Principle?
I guess, like the National Socialist Countries China and Vietnam ..
Accountants have also applied the American Accounting Principle; because they are WTO Members..
Their Matching Annual Balance Sheet should be well declared?
(The Annual Balance Sheet of the Nation should be presented)
Now, my Guess estimates under this Bad Debt Account ..
The Two Countries have fallen into seriously doubtful Status?
And their Bad Debt Numbers, naturally, were up pretty high?
Bad debt is the Expense under the Accounting Principle Regulation,
This Expense Account is recorded in the Statement Of Income..
(Expense Account Is Reported in the Statement of Income) ..
If high cost, the Net Income will be decreased gradually ..
The Final Figures is known as the Net Income,
Accounting Clerks have moved into the Matching Balance Sheet ..
National GDP will be increased with a larger figures that is Earned Capital (Equity) will also be increased, if not many Bad Debts?
And on the contrary, as if it’s bad, or when it is too high?
The result would be Net Income will be recorded in the Equity Account with its lower or lowest figures?
The Relationship of the National Budget and Bad Debts is easily recognized if the Ministry of Financial Accounting Branch orders its transparency Presentation..
In contrast, many private companies gimmicks aim at hiding this Problem,
Related Accountants often mispresent in a special account called Account Receivable in the Balance Sheet …
(List of Accounts Receivable Account is called) in the Balance Sheet.

And, if investigated the Reason of the Bad Debt Expense?
It could be like, One of the reason is the friendship, in the known
term, ” Borrow Advance Pay Later”,
In summary, It can also be a form of corruption?
Our Hope is , due to Socialist Vietnam has been oriented into the Economy Market, Professional Officers will be enough to Audit these Bad Debts Accounts?; Otherwise, the Bad Debt levels are often patched up by the Government throught the Source of Abusing Money, such as Foreign Aid or High Taxes and even several new Plans for collecting People’s Interests?
The Patriots of the Socialist Vietnam, are Renewing ..
I hope that the People Poverty level of Income will be improved sooner?
It means How Do Bad wage Workers also humility?
And also is the Improvement Form in many areas for our homelande to proud of?
Otherwise, I have to take another half Century, with many Innovations 1-2-3?

Vanson Tran – 8/2014

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