(Free Poem, Palavering, Social Current Events)

One of these 4 Jungle Kings is the recent Holy Army of Islam (ISIL). This is a terrible Tiger with Black Hues. In our Mankind Jungle, are these 4 Strong Tigers playing around or aiming at their martial challenge? Earlier this 21st Century, naturally, Mankind in the Jungle must be waiting for their coming fate. Searching the Law of Cause and Effect with some reasons and we ask, why this Black Tiger (ISIS) become so strong suddenly fast?
To say that, the United States has lacked its Strategy in this Area?
This is also related to the Mission of the Management of the World Balance?
This is also the Part for any Superpowers to consider when any Project?
The Form of Failing Shooting requires the Shooter must pay the Bullets?
And It falls into this Period of President Barack Obama and his Cabinet?
Obama applied at the beginning of the First Term of Compromise Foreign Policy with the Nobel Prize?
The United States continues its withdrawal from the Middel East Region, especially Iraq ..
Compared with the Vietnam War Data Base, it is very similar?
Previous experience, as United-States abandoned the Democratic Republic of Vietnam ..
This Two Regions have turned into The Mess Situation of Building the Form of Liberal Democratic Regimes. Therefore, human heart is shattered and today, more scattered?
Unfortunately, the 3 element: Best Time, Human Accord and Good Places are not fit and benefited
According to Time, the Gray Tiger, Red China superpower has been raised stronger?
And it become Aggressive and Its invasion immediately happened in the Asia Oceania Beef Tongue Region?
According to Time, even before, the Soviet Union collapsed,
Immediately arose Russian Empire, a Great Emperor V. Putin?
And the Communist North Korean, even, is tiny, but very Pediatric overhang,
It is arrogant just because it has obtained some Nuclear in its hidden caves?
Which Source of Ideology, if any, is the revelation to these World Jungle Kings?
The format of Humanity, it seem, They’ve Forgotten?
Remaining Today, They maintain only their form of Economic Development & Competition ..
These 4 Jungle Kings are vying for Nuclear Weapons & Violence?
The Pope has recently visited Korean People in South Korea,
He also expressed his sadness and said we must prevent ISIS Group tin this Middle East?
Howver, in our World now, the Ambition of the Jungle Kings has not considered the Engineering Building an appropriate platform for Human Rights?
Tibet, Xinjiang, Outer Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan again ..
The Gray Tiger Red China, with its totalitarianism, still tame its People with very Strong Hand?
Not to mention, the Hegemony of the Chinese Communist today ..has still threaten the whole of South East including East Sea in the whole Asia?
For the Gold Tiger, USA, today has become soft; because of its budgetary reasons?
How well it has managed, it is still deficient to arm Military Weapons & Means of War?
While the Stripple Tiger, or the New Imperial Russia of President V. Putin ..
Still playing around Ukraine, even after grabbing Crimea comfortably?
We must consider also the White Tiger,or the European Union, It has also confused?
Although the United States made its Conciliation Support, but not enough to tame Stripple Tiger?
First, please try to guess, how will the Mankind Forest be like?
World War III would be happened or not? Or Cold War is now?
Today, what can we look forward in the United Nations?
It Reality Capacity does not meet Its Policies, full of Barrier & Hardship?
As the Leaders of Superpowers, they have not directed themselves to the Same Common Objective?
So, the Probability of Competitive Pressure & War will be more increased?
We must follow up closely the Four Regions’ Track of our Mankind Jungle ..
Maybe, we must expect a Hidden Mark of our World Destiny?
From All of our Religions’ Instruction and our Social Elevated Ideologies to form a Common Denominator, so that We Would Be Receiving our Mankind Love in this Jungle?

Tran, Vanson – 8/2014

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