(Palavering, Socially Religious Issue)

 Do you know Communism has a certain quality of a Religion?

While the Other Religions consider Communism as the Atheists Social Form of Religion? Ideologically speaking, Red China now is elimating whoever is Falun Gong follower.  Asking by contrast, do Communists themselves have any Religion? Among their Members, est of many millions in this Party, are they atheists, or following not any  religion? Do you think Religion has also contributed to the Good, yes or no? Socially, in another question, do you think other Religions contribute Good Characters to Mankind? or influence some Bad Ones to Society?

 Are the Communists classified as the Bad People or the Good ones? In Life, are you belong to  any  Religion? And, does this Religion teach you Good or Bad Things? From Family, School, to the World, we have learned a lot of Knowledge in Education and which Culture or Social Theory do you think it is the most advanced one? Socialism/Communism or Democraticism, a Freedom Theory?  Does Communism/Socialism have no Religious Characters at all? When their Leaders died, do you know which Religion’s Protocols they have applied?

  When living in Society, we associate into this Culture, do you agree we must adapt Common Principles by accepting Others’ Differences? Rejecting this principle, we create more social Conflicts and more Wars. Our ancient Ancestors specifically say, “Parents Give Birth To Children, God gives Different Characters to them?  It is difficult to reconcile any Love between Parents & Children when they are different.  And so is Life in a larger Community, like the World where Religions also collide each other; however, we must know how to accept others’ differences.  If not, we surely know how conflicts are to be happened? And there has been time,  we have been in our 2 Holy Wars; It was the time to have Prohibition Act Not Following Strange Religions.  Getting marriage with other religion lover, what did they do?  They must change religion, they must be baptized and declare to change their religion and accept other one.  Today, there are parts of Catholicism Reconciliation in this matter.  To get marriage with your wife, you don’t have to change your religion, but you may keep your original one.

 For your children too, they have their own human right to follow any religion they choose in life.  But on the contrary, it is not easy for some other Churches, particularly Islam Religion which requires strict laws, not easily creating harmony together but causing conflicts and fights. Maybe, it is the reason there are many conflicts in the Middle East Region.

 Recently, whoever does not follow Communist Party will be classified as the Party’s Opponents or Hostile Forces.  Being the Party Members, they often call each other as Comrades or Brothers.. Due to the Economy Exchange Requirements, all Nations try to compromise in several activities. However, this Compromise Form is usually occurs only on the surface.. In the deep foundation, they often partisan and combine each other, bound together and connect into systems. Their foundation is established by systemized alliances from the top to the bottom with updated regulations.

 If being not a Communist member or sympathizer, you are ineligible for their acceptance. If you are employed, its is only the Interim Period.  Even they are whether in the same Communist Party System, or Party Members, if being found different, you could be purged and dissmissed, in prison as misdemeanors or parished.  As the Red China today, they have been applying the same kind of Systematic Rules. Therefore, they are differerent in the Economy Market’s Regulations, specially their Human Rights Respect Point of View. Chair Xi Jinping’s Side is in the Previous Party, but He wants  this Party Body must be clean? No matter what they are high or low ranks, Tigers or Flies, must be eliminated.  Most of the Continental Billionaires or Millionaires are in the phase of eliminating one another or to be eliminated.  It is understood that their Unique Character must win the Plural One in the China’s Communist Party.  This is the reason why, Xi Jinping’s Party thought they are clean, not corrupted as the others.

 To me, it is the form of drawing a gambling secret card that shows the lowest potential to the situation, and then it will cause more Social Complications in future anyway./.

 Tran, Vanson – 8/14


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