Những Tiếng Lòng Bức Xúc

(Pavalering Social Issue)

Some implications that I just noticed. There are white, purple, gray, red, and black. Through these posts, though comments or poetry, on the virtual network or across multiple networks; It may bring a domestic space and, the virtualized networkds that are abroad, everywhere..

A Patriot, talking about his fatherland, is not living in the S space (VN), and several Patriots are living, even right on their land, sometimes call for some thing for their country with sad result. We agree that on overseas networks, several pieces of literature are attractive and soulful.

But, in fact, difficult for them to leave their happy spaces with incentives. But they speak up something, perhaps, due to their cultural frustrations? Sometimes their frustration is pressing an accumulation potential? Each brings a quality pressing the DNA? and This Influences the length of several generations? Whatever the source of culture has stayed away of their Root, the quality of this DNA upstream .. Old Resource.. is still winded?
Pressed Frustrations, from Culture, a DNA quality, as a string of colorful Amino Acid, being white, purple, gray, red, yellow, black as described, still follow each other, get to the warmed problem?

But, in fact, they are delicious Catalyst Spices, like a well-known Dish you prepare. Let’s go, pick up all but quintessential ones, then open a Restaurant, Patriots everywhere will have to make reservations to eat, to enjoy. But if you want, open It as fast as you can, as in normal business practices; because Time and Talent always run fast?

The comments of my poem, containing the DNA of gossipy nature, accidentally or intentionally still care somthing in my heart. This is because, although Mission, even being in exile, more or less, the DNA quality is still the Hồng Lạc Source running in our blood. One day, we may stand and looking back to my Origin, the Horizon may be metabolized into Pink? Instead, with my desperate, it will turn into yellow Black which will be piled on my Poetry, with full of my Heart Frustrated Substance?

Vanson – 8/2014

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