Từ Cấm Vận đến Chiến Tranh, Bao Xa

(Palavering, Social Issue)

The political potency, seemed to be the Key, in the Cultural relations of the human world?
After the Decolonizational Period, Peace is expecting? But no, the World is still in the form of the Political Alliance .. Powerful forces in Humanity still affect our Human Life and once a country with extraordinary conduct .. The strength they have often Intervention Alliance?

After TCII and especially post-Cold War (Cold War), 3 Strong political alliances, we clearly see on Earth .. The US-European Union, Russia and Communist China One with its junior members? In addition, some countries also become slightly stronger or significantly rising ..Such as India, Brazil, Iran, South Africa, Australia & more ..

The Alliance of US-European is also including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan ..
It also includes a number of Eastern European countries, after the USSR collapsed as well. In the process, when the embargo of the Strong Alliance was lifted, the State of Compromise and Cultural Mediation, somewhat, is more pleasant? As the U.S. embargo with Communist China, released by Pres. Nixon, or by the U.S., when Bill Clinton, released the Communist Vietnam ‘s embargo ..

At present, the Western-U.S still remained pretty many embargoes.. In the Middle East, with Iran, Syria, North Korea in Asia as well? Now the Russian Federation, is under embargo by the U.S. and the European Union .. For what purpose? I think perhaps this is aiming at Blocking Russian’s Developmental State? For example, the U.S. has long maintained economic sanctions on Communist North Korea ..or the sanctions in Iran to force this Nation to drop its Nuclear Program. In the Strong Potency (both in Economy and Politics), the embargoes may affect pretty fast? But in the weak One, the Sanctions will not have much effect? Observe, the U.S -EU embargo on Russia will be clearer & clearer day by day?

How Can They Influence? We can more or less predict .. Especially today, Russia’s Imperial ambitions are pretty clearer .. Maybe It can be going to war if diplomacy anthem with unbalanced quality? Recently, in the East Sea in Asia, the Chinese Oil Rig Case.. for example. Temporary, China shows to retreat, but perhaps, China is afraid of the strength of Opponents’ Alliance?
And when the real strength of this is formed, then , the embargo will extremely damage to the China? So China is probably has drawn its Rig HD-981 ..

But today, Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation still wants forward deeper Steps .. with the implementation of an Stronger, this area will be ay War?
The form of a new Cold War, in my opinion, has been formed ..ongoing daily, with plenty of indications? If Russia Federation has adopted its Imperial Ambition.

And in Asia, Red China is still ambitious of its Superpower Dream? So, sooner or later, the Cold War, will be escalating in our World Reality.. Then, the Opposites Forces will possibly cause the Hot War at last? Our Hope is still very small as the Superpower Leaders’ Sense of Consciousness to the Globe as well as their Ideology is not well awaking in their Foreign Policy. Human Life could be in danger or escaped from their Final Decision at Present./.

Tran, Vanson – 7/2014

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