Đường Vào Thế Kỷ Vô Cảm

(Incident Record Of Ukraine, the Asia South Sea & Palestine-Israel)

Our Globe has vast rice fields, but there are still many starving Africans today! The World Traffickers are sp ruthless! How could they still kill the human bodies! How many times did Ukraine divide? How Are The East and the West so rough how to love their life these days? Do Pro-Russian Groups and Free Ukraine Ones know They are Killing Each Other just because of their Differences?

In Asia-the South Sea, we see Rough Storms are surging today, the Yellow Race seems issuing some terrible Monsters. They want to advance quickly to Superpowers, being greedy, inserting molding without mercy? The Dictatorial Leaders still maintain Hate among their own people without respecting their human rights equality. The Stronger menace the Weaker are being merged clearly.

In the Middle East, Hate Growing is seen again? After their Property is settled, they try competing their food to eat or building their Castle? Their Religion’s Characters have been fading, killing each other regardless of the Elderly and Children!

I thought one the Middle Eastern Extremists have characterized by Killings and Violence, but there is no doubt to see The Jews Are Composed as well?
The Human Love in our Glove is losing? It seems to me that Our World has no Insensitivity now? Would Our Dream of the Peaceful and Happy Word in the Future be expecting or our Coming Tragic Period with Human Tragedies?

Vanson – 7/2014

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