Biên Giới Lòng Người


You ask me the reason why I never come back?
My answer is “it’s not clear how long”?
Despite I listen the fatherland call, but it’s helpless …
Even thought it still reminds me the lovely old source!

You recall me, our homeland is now in an uniform?
Why don’t I come back to build the nation?
It’s hardly says, even in my passionate heart …
The national love seems vaguely, it’s not clear in me?

I go around once the inland streets, but I just feel the bitter cold … My country love seems not warm to active even a walking path? As for how to prevent the unforgettable hatred? The untrust is still around here, not frank to me?

I’m with you, we are not honest? How do we can forget an ambiguous reality? It causes everything is in suspect? Depth at least in the mankind’s mind mine!

Views about one time to be at our Hamlet, you stood looking thoughtfully .. Because, your feeling of my loosing side? So,
you also lie yourselve to pass it, instead of understanding that deserves our love match?

A vague border still pictures in me, when looking closely?
You are the very haughty winner? And I am, underdog, a wandering looser? In my horizon of being exile around, I still find some hope?

I desire a real Compromise, or the required truth ..
You have mixed It between my personality? That would be
an emotional one, the companion feeling of a husband and wife ..
We will , none with the interior and anterior complexity, have no high or low level feeling..

This means that we have no longer Borders between us?
In order to be at the entrance of our Loving Day .. I do and I need to remove a painful complexity in it, in the bottom of the earnest love for each other?

And if realized, love me, a little my dear!
Maybe I’m not sad and will be sympathetic?
A sentiment love, I have been obtaining in my normal heart ..
Although being far away from you, I still wish you happy!

Tran, Vanson

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