Dòng Tiến Hóa & Trí Khôn Loài Người (Phần Chót)


 The Evolution Stream & The Intelligence of Mankind (Final Part)

(Palavering Social Current Affairs)

 Now we project into the future and view the evolution range that seems to be in Collision? First, the collision of Sovereignty & Economics. Next is the Nuclear power and Military Weapons Needs, so People can compete. At Present, Red China is trying to invade the South China Sea. Its widest U-shaped region proves It is so ambitious? To the  West, Russia, another Jungle King, tries to restore its power? The gentle dear Ukraine was stitch. Looking to the  South China Sea, the small countries are trying to make different links so that they can combat against Red China, a new Jungle King has been recently emerging in the Asia Region? The Power Transfer Strategy of the United States, another Jungle King, does not change, despite that the U.S. Economy is hardly in its phase of Rehabilitation? All we still need is the human brain, especially the Super Leaders in our  World?

 In Part 1 of our References, we outline a hypothetical WWIII which  would be the Nuclear War going to be happened next and it is the possibility of all mistaken types of Mankind? As a Russian strategist’s comments, few years ago, Mr. Sergei Markov expected the World War III could be happened, with his debate that Russia was destroyed. What will be happened in the future would be hard to predict today? We Invite you to watch the TCIII Events by clicking our Reference and see this Video.

 In Reference 1, when watching the horrible truth, It was fear! The social conditions of men were probably caused by most modern superpowers?  Maybe, the Prejudice/karma is a major cause for WWIII? During the World War, Cold War, WWI and WWII, their causes have been already rooted by their Competition of Interests and Powers? And now, the Territorial and Waters sovereignty today, in Socialist Vietnam, with some other small ASEAN nations, etc.., in Ukraine which just reclined to Western culture, for example?

The poverty gap of people life in our five continents has been creating pinched together in Mankind, the Ethnic Culture has also fragmented between Brothers,  as Korea, Vietnam, Germany, & China?

 The Human Mental Differences, if not well Adapting and Mediating, of course, people still fall into their Competing and Dividing status? I still admire the German Brothers because their situation has been well reconciled, after shuffling with a so extreme Culture?

 But in the present, looking on stage of our Globe, do you think USA, the former Champion has still maintained its Cultural and Military Prestige? Will It be compete with the other 4 Jungle Kings of  Mankind? EU, China, Russia and Agressive Islamic Force in Middle East. Global Economy must be watched out because the International Community needs sympathy now? But in reality, they are still competing for Benefits & Powers.

  Western Bloc is still allied with the U.S? Russia may back links with China? The Alliance is transferred directly to another combination, will cause stress for a comprehensive Earth? Our hope is the world superpowers, after transfering their right shaft, will cautiously look out their stand? From ASEAN, BRICS, TTP, to Russophobia, the remaining Communist Nations like China, North Korea, Cuba & CVN etc.  We realize today, because they are in need of  maintaining our world stable Commerce & Economy together, must be sharing their difficulties together? Instead of showing their excessive ambition, to face difficulties and threaten security in many areas of the Globe. While our Planet’s Population is increasing, est. 9 billion people, is expected to launch in 2050 and the status of Inequality isnaturally created. Many exoduses, that,  have been created by the people’s gap of poor and rich, are menacing our world Peace, Security and Cooperation.

 We haven’t mentioned yet the field of Human Rights at a critical implication or standstill? Because,  the too rich and too poor nations are more separated.  We question at which level,  the Global Evolution has shown?  So, we still have to rely on the World Elite Leaders’ Brain? from the Political, Religious,  Educational fields, farther of knowledge for this period.

 From G4, G5, G6-7-8-9, etc.. in the World Community, through our Cultural Exchanges and Mutations, at every minute in our Vivid Human Space, then, what will be the Future of the Earth that expect and hope? What are the Peace & Global Mutual Welfare Levels we are expecting? Absolutely, it was a price of our Harmony Making, our Ideological Human, our  Compassion, and especially our human Moral Nature, and our Humanity Love? Our Mankind’s wisdom has been always on the evolutionary path and what will You contribute or share for This Dream of Mankind?

 Vanson Tran – 7/2014

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