HUMAN RIGHTS? (Part 2/3 – Continued)

(Palavering, Social Issue) 

We now review the human rights situation through our history. Very recently, the Civil War History of  Vietnam.  What attracted all of us  to stand in this party or the other? Particularly, the two Parties always regard each other as Hostile Forces?  Personnally, our Human Society Mentality has not been in good condition, it has been almost unconscious?  It maybe even a worser form of a Pond.  As usual, I have observed bands of birds flying down for their food foraging in this widely pond, such as heaven geese, mallards, la la birds, red storches, etc.. In this pond, there is equal in its capacity fo gether daily meals, diving to catch fish, shrimp, algea, and feed their body in a nice day!  Naturally, the stronger always oppress the weaker among them, however, they are in peaceful position for the whole day, when the sunset comes, they call each other to fly away back to their happy nests somewhere in the immense sky?

 But, No for Vietnamese Race, the Inside Party are the Winners. What has the Winners influenced, in this stage, the Loosers? Respecting the Sourtherners with equal human rights or classifying their Brothers into different types? Into a hostile force to abuse them? The Communist Culture has found No  Human Rights from there? So Communist Winners did not advocate a situation of Reconciliation? So far, a phenomenon of being  Red or Yellow Colors are formed as Remnants for the Ethnic Hate? More profound implications than unexpected  It is the foundation of The Toxic Culture, Toxic Religion in this very new society? 

It has cornered the jostling and Human Rights? Whenever the new Government  imprisoned dissident Ingredients; because they want to protest,on the streets, demanding the Justice? Lack of Human Rights and has been destroying The Mankind Love.  It showed a culture that is defective and immature.  This Culture needs to improve, if not, it will be extremely regret? Lack of Human Rights is immature. This Culture is not mature enough to settle the whole National Affairs. There was sown when Gene implications affecting many aspects of our Culture being and wil be run constantly for several generations? 

Let’s look over the oppressed Ethnic Groups next to our Country,  such as Xinjiang, Tibet or Outer Mongolia .. The Red China Regime always abuses, disrespects these ethnic people. They just want to have their Freedom & Independence.  Now, looking deeply into our country, among our people different classes like chemical components, the Government is not able to reconcile Human Patriotism among their whole people… So far, Mediation not standing a Culture of The People, like the two above  samples, with Red domestic Red Flag Color and the  Yellow one in the overseas?  It involves our Ethnic culture Critical Matter; It is going to have A Near Bankruptcy? 

We shall return to the subject for Human Rights in the next article. And together,  we will analyze our Reflections in what best way? When we are at the critical  time  “Vietnam is being eroded due to the Northern Giant Guy, particularly in our Water Rights”, what does VNC Government do?  Even Vietnam has been a Member of The United Nations Human Rights Commission? Vietnam must improve its own Human Rights Situation is the first step. In addition, our Culture is adapting into the Globalization Settings, It will naturally require so many things to update and to change? 

(to be continued) 

Tran, Vanson – 6/2014

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