Human Rights (Final Part)

HUMAN RIGHTS? (Final Part)

(Palavering, Social Issue)

 For example, the Congress and the Constitution form of VN-socialist is an architecture form lacking  of political human rights? It’s like my Dad and his Ways of handling my family.  What he wants to force us to compliance. We do not have any right that you install .. But he also somtimes tell us in the Meetings to ask our opinion. When I grew up, almost all of us thought he was belong to a feudalist class!  Mdarrying  his 2nd wife, for example,  he does not need any opinion. Our mother also undergrounds to obey his decision. For my sister marriage, he also set her in the wrong place.Generally speaking, the daughter must obey their parents, “he said”. The Command Format of the Government Today  is very similar to our previous family’s norm. Looking carefully into VNC Congress Party that assign Candidates and  the People just vote, naturally, all must be Pro Opinion. As all  members of the Congress, 90.9% pellets, are Communist Members and the Political Form, from Legislative, Justice and Executive Branch is shaped and directed from the Politic HQ from the top. The reason is they do not accept diversity and multiparty.  From the lowest to highest levels, for example the organizational form of  hamlet, village, district to the Central District etc.. The entire Administrative System must be ordered by  the Communist Party. The Ministries in the Government who holds an important role, required to be selected from party members Ingredients.  So, the whole system, even the educational, Social, Entertainment, Journalism, Communications Sectors are the same.

 Then, all planning policies, where the government has not asked People Opinion.  In addition, the grievances and Human Rights or Civil Rights for lands of all classes of people have not been proven our Nation has gained any level of Democracy. I must say the quality of DNA hold of VN-socialist .. 100% opposed to the Politics of Social Democracy, Freedom? It’s totally the reason of monopoly, Dictatorship, Arbitrary, Totalitarian alone? Hence Human Rights of All People never be respected, but why the Vietnamese people still follow, and respect? In my opinion, the Theory of Marx’s proletarian revolution was a super brain washed one so long? The infertility as both Lenin, Stroky, Kim Il Sung, Fidel Castro, even Uncle Ho, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong who have been educated with the Attractive & Multidimentionsal  Ideology.  Another main reason is a seamless silhouette <LOGO>, the  Force of  Global proletariat of Karl Marx always win, not lose? It’s like an Human Doctrine of radical Islam Today? They do not need to be clever, just Loyality in their mind.  So, they always call each other “Comrade”?

 This theory, when absorbed, will completely brainwashed? Marx cultural illness, is like, Disease Brain cancer? Very difficult to treat, because if escapism, is convicted? The radical Islam, they believe that they have to kill others.These ingredients against them, very Cavalry to Human Rights? In our World Today, it is lucky we have had a Democratic System, Freedom, and Human Right. However, it is very difficult to win popular Italian Communist system, or Socialism? It is a social doctrine which is  very high in  revolutionary spirit of Karl Marx.  Let me in, mesmerized, and then combined to? Benefits Just because an organization dominated by very high writer?

 Being the Master of the Minded Sense of Social Code in the Revolution, It is a type of seizure as Shadow Doctrine and People must escape the Spirit to awake. I hope Vietnamese Readers must read Ideology Writer, Duong Thu Huong .. Poet Gulag Chi Thien , being prisoned for his whole lifetime and many more senior Communist staff such as Mr. Bui Tin, Le Hieu Dang, Hoang Minh Chinh who have escaped from Communism. Later, as young as Ph D. Pham Chi Dung, lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu, etc. ..

 When the Leadership Class & Network Quality contains only their Loyalty, our  

National  Culture can not have the Character of Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights.  We temporarily pause here & conlude:  We, Vietnamese, can only clean our Brain to get ridge of our Mind’s Cancer Viruses before obtaining the Democracy, the Freedom and the Human Rights “ Ideology in our Mind”,  by Reflecting ourselves  in order to rebuild our Cultural Immune Sytem for our Homeland Brighter Future? A Modern  is critially in Need to respect Human Rights & Freedom and Democracy For All in our Country now./.

 Tran, Vanson – 6/2014

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