Human Rights (Part I Translation)


(Palavering, Social Issue)

 Human Rights is the supreme authority of every human being. Whether a Child, even not an adult yet, he also naturally has the right as an adult.  His Personality and his/her needs, intellectually or materially, should be the same as an adult, the same. Parents have given his/her birth, their child has become a heaven treasure and they must respect her/him physically as well as spiritually. We may say, for example, even being as a child, we have no rights of owning your Body . No one can violate you, whereas human morality requires, none can force you to do the Labor or to sell your sex  to make money .. Or to do such things in order to have your daily meals for being survival.  Not so, but parents, naturally have to save those Social Benefits for You?

 In another aspect of your Moral Rights, you have the right to gain your Education and the right to follow your Religion when being matured enough.  You have freedom as an adult, absolutely. Nobody can oppress you at all.

 If searching a true definition for a complete Human Rights, we must trace the Advanced Human Rights in the Constitution. The Constitution also describes how the National Human Rights in details. It implies moral responsibility to respect others’ Human Rights. It consists in the well known proverb, “Whatever you don’t want others do to you; So, don’t do to others” ?

The reason is,  I must respect as those beautiful spring flowers? No Flower can claim to be the most beautiful? And it isn’t right for any flower to blame that I am the urgliest  in the garden? It is the oxygen,  a Right for All Plants in the Environment.  So are their  Needs of the Sun and Rain Water naturally provided in each season.  Therefore, in Nature, I’ve seen some organic relation of a fundamental right stuff?

 For All Human Beings, the Concept of Human Rights is in Justice. But we often see the bloodthirsty Modes, which lack of Human Rights.  The Dictators have been never balanced their Culture.  For Parents,  they  have a deterrent & necessary advices towards children, but not damage them?  The Adult or Children Human Rights must be respected and balanced. We can not behave Lack of Righteousness.  Our Children must be in our equal love, we can’t love these and hate others..

 So, that is the general Human Rights. But why, in society, there is a lack of this Human Rights? Especially when the Social Revolution turns mad? We have caused  pretty much Slaughter Man on Earth? Religion has also  seeded Human Morality and their Spirit; but why, there are still a lot of  unfair Modes? They differentiate between Classes, political dominating force and dominated ones, Labors and Owners? Rich men still dominate the poor, where can we find Human Rights, Human Personality or Dignity?

 If you have to explain the word of Rights, we may not fullybe aware of? There is one rquired thing: World Human Rights must be equal? And do we have our modern cultural good quality or a civilized society, why? Still overlapping, it has been pinched together from our Basic Human Rights?

 Tran, Vanson – 6/2014


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