English Translation:
Following me, the Evolutionary Stream has been based on Mankind’s Intelligence, particularly Outstanding Human Beings? Mr. Charles Darwin has assumed Human Beings are Wisest Ape Race, having being formed by their Mass Living Adaptation Ability or the Natural Selection? His Theory of Natural Election or Evolutionary Theory has been learned my most students today. From the Proofs of the Animals & Living Things’ Life, he has concluded Human Race is formed by Evolutionary Phases of the most intelligent Ape Race. This kind of Ape has an outstanding developing ability, not the Normal Monkey Race as we see in the jungle today.
Naturally, we can’t have enough time to go into details, into each part to prove; but we know because we observe the Human Beings’ Evolutionary Forms, from the beginning Primitive Period to the Tribal Period, then to the Human Beings’ first culture, then to the low to formed Civilizations. Plus, some Civilizations have been collapsed or lost, like the earliest China Civilization, then the Egyptian One, the Greece One, the Roman One, and today, the Science and Technology One.
Students have to study a Career/Special Branch for life? With an unique career, they can find a living for ever. In our History, at present Science and Technology Civilization, we have different branches, like Political science, Culture of Human Beings, we also have Emperial Regimes, Colonialism, we have Economy, with Capitalism and Proletarian Class, Laboring Class or Labors. Human Beings have been oppressing, and fighting each other for their survivals though history.
The Feudalist Regime was collapsed, giving up to the Democracy? The Colonialist One was collapsed, giving up to the Proletarian Class when they are wiser with their evolutionary mind? Naturally, in each phase, we often see the Social Moment Leaders. They are Revolutionary Heroes along with different times and situations. Their missions and accomplishments, have been naturally changed with different new phases of life? These characters’ collors are also changed along with history, not existing for ever? particularly along with New Waves of Cultural Exchanges in the Globe? That is the Evolution, isn’t It? We have being changing or directing into the Cultural Streams of Life, from yesterday to nowadays, haven’t we? And we should know those are the Natural Selection Laws having been effecting our Cultural Live as proved by Charles Darwin?
In Reality, we can not and never can attain any Ability to Stop Human Evolution. We may see through many Examples, such as Communist Nations have been either collapsed, changed or adapted into New Directions: such as Directed into the Economy Market, for example. Their Culture Color has been changed and has been effected with different Complications? One of these Complications is their Brain Washing Disease, remaining at one level for long? In reality, they must adapt into the Natural Selection or Life Adaptation to survive? Vietnamese Old Scholars had some wise proverbs, such as “Reaching the River, we must care about each different river basin to be safe”, or “Travelling one day on road, we learn a lot of wise things?” Are They Intelligent?
Therefore, the Past Complications have been influencing us? If we maintain a Social Theorical Prejudice, we do not know the Theory is completely useless? So, the Evolutionary Stream forces Us to follow the Majority and the Humanity Love, personally, must be adapting along? Any Nation directing against Human Rights and Hopes, It is become mental, blocking their own Evolutionary Stream, indeed?
Vanson Tran – 6/2014

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