Không Chì Các Nước CS & Độc Tài Tham Nhũng?


(Palavering Social Issue Poem)

Talking about The US Ministry of Veterans, it is a looser?
US Patriotic Military Men have been fighting To Plant Fredoom?
When returning home, they have been often forgotten, particulary their Health Care, even when Veteran Patients are in need of Doctors?
I have often thought the Health Care Management of USA the best of the World; however, it is not Such A Good Thing! The Reason probably is: The Salary Level of this Ministries and Related Branches is too high?
In USA, if you were chosen into a Governmental Official, you may consider as the Big Winner of National Lottery. The Tax Money of every Citizen has been the Big Bag to pay their Salary. You may calculate from the Salary of Mr. President, then the other positions from the top to the lowest postion.
It seems the Salary Laws are very transparent, isn’t it? But in Reality, every year the US National Budget is deficit. The Overpaid Salary for Governmental Personel and Military Force is too high, not enough; In addition, the Luxury Life of High Class is excessive! While Life is very hard for the Poor Class, est. 30%, excluding the Homeless, Living On The Streets, and Slumps, etc..
The Rich and Richest Capitalist Class has been brain washed socially that their Income must be high and the best while the Social Security Programs are very poor and in trouble all the time?
They have also the Logo of Social Changes everytime when the National Election comes. Particularly the National Health Care System, “I thought It hase been revolutionized, in the first period of Pre. B. Obama, but not”, it is still in bad shape & changed the name into the Obamacare, a subject to be only on discussion!
In reality, the USA Society has been divided into several Dual Forms, Democrats/Republicans, Rich/Poor, Gvt Officials/Citizens ABC levels. US Society is the Dualistic Form for many years without Solutions at all. There are a lot of Slumps and Dead Towns.. They are calling for Mental Socialists and Politicians to help for Improvement.
Personnally, I expect so much the idea that USA must be The Sample Fighter for our World, not to be slept into the Temperary Richness and Luxury Life for ever? The Humanity must be not only taught in Books but USA’d better update Its Evolutionary Characters in time. If not, the New World Order will be arriving with Miserable Effects in Human Beings of the Globe./.
Vanson, Tran – 6/2014


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