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(Palavering Social Discussing Poem)

 Last week, reviewing the Superpowers’ activities, Red China tended to show its Strong Military Force.  Returning to the other coner of the World and observing USA and Pres. Obama’s new speech, we know he said “We must not be in a hurry, even Russia Union had grasped Crimea, because of some Ukraine’s shortcomings”; However, only the minority group in Ukraine tend to be belong to Russia. For the majority, Ukraine People still want a Sovereingty Ukrainian Nation, and they never want to loose their mind to lean on the strong one. Thus, Pres. Putin of Russian Union, a Superpower,  has lost a lot of Good Characters which are in need very critically to develop his Culture  to higher level?

 If considering the Evolutionary Aspect, how could Russian Union develop and attain its Dream of A higher and better Culture, when still using tricks to pinch others, just because of its low greediness?  Instead, the Superpowers had better improve their civilized degrees to fit their evolutionary levels required in Humanity Culture, with higher Morality as well as Other Social Characters.  To become Superpowers, their Leaders must start their Good Samples, in the direction of creating A Balance Level of Mutual People Welfare, basing on our recent World Wars in which we believe Human Beings must create a Progressive Phase of Mankind building A Better Society

 I am quite agree with President Obama about his New Diplomatic Policy when assuming the Leadership of the Confusing World today.  Today, our Globe, being at the Promoting Phase, has been formed with several different Alliances and our best Objective should be directed to our Mankind’s Reconciliation & Peace.  We need to distribute our Interests equally with right justice.  We can not be greedy and force Others.  We can not also abandon our friends on the road directing to Mankind’s Happiness.  Through the above views, I think USA Philosophy is very appropriate. USA today could not be the Police Force for the World.

 In reality, when A New Superpower is formed, like a Jungle King, its over excited ernergy is strong but unwise in the Mankind Jungle.  It thinks only about its own strength, it neglects to review other immense knowledge of the world, particularly the World Alliances, and the Right Direction that  will be stronger and wiser enough to avoid a Status of A Wild & Stupid Tige,  in the Forest.  This Tiger will be wounded seriously, because it is causing importantly & extremely conflicts and several unbalanced policies in Mankind.  This Form Of Wild Living is being seen through the Red China’s Behavior today in Asia.  Both Red China and Russia Union have been directing against the Mankind’s Elevated Evolution Direction, indeed.  We hope these two Superpowers will sooner or later realize their serious mistakes.

  We hope both of them should consider reflecting their wisdom to build a peaceful coexistence and common propertity for themselves and for the 5 Continents of the Globe.  When being in an Ambition, the greedy Superpowers will kill themselves & Others in life.

  We really hope Red China as well as Russia Union will deeply think of their future and should remember, the Globe will have so many Shangri-La Dialogues  in future?

 Vanson Tran, 6/2014

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