Nên Văn Minh Trung Hoa Đỏ & Nền Văn Minh Trung Hoa Cổ Xưa Muốn Phục Hồi?

English Translation:
The Civilization Of Red China- Could The New Civilization Of China Mainland Obtain the Potential To Humanity Impact on the Value of Mankind or Not?
General/The Modern Era:
Observing carefully the behavior of Red China (Mainland), many scholars in the world have shared their opinion that China wants to have its  Renovation, Modernization Skills and Values ​​of its Old Chinese Culture of many thousands of years ago which was understood as an early civilization of mankind.
Among these authors, they often mentioned is scholar Samuel P. Huntington, in a well known book, “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order”, we roughtly translated as the Collision of Civilizations and Restructuring Of World Order”, by Robert Trout in his article mentioned in our Reference section. We also wonder questioning Is it true that China is trying to test its recent tendon & muscle strength by trying to pinch the small nations in Asia region, meanwhile claiming its territorial water, the Beef Tongue now; while previously being weak, it did not ask for anything?
Second, It is possible that Mainland China will acquire Taiwan and, having thought its Military Force with modern weapons & a surplus of capital today, <in both the U.S. and European debt>, has the strong power enough to dominate the region; meanwhile, with edequate strategies to recover its ancient civilization, disregarding the small nations’ Alliance?
We also remember after World War II and the Cold War, the Mankind Civilization in this Planet shifted into different political Parties & Cultures towards both Marxist Philosophy and in Reality, to the direction of the Western Economy. Therefore , after the Empires collapsed , there was a Social Revolution influenced by Karl Marx , dividing the world into two blocks , the Soviet Union <or Communist/Socialist ideology>, & a Liberal One , notably the United States and the European Union . After the Soviet Union Collapse, <the reasons of Economic and Social Affairs> , the movement was changed, starting from Mr. Govbachew former President , who sparked the Soviet Union disintegrated & the Communist theory was slowly dissolved, returning to the Western Economy Market as today. Particulary, Red China and Communist Vietnam, after their New Direction towards Western Economy, still maintain and follow their Socialist Ideology. The Conversion Process between Social Ideology and the Separation of Powers and the Superpowers of Russia , the U.S. , the European Union and China have been almost formed , especially in the area of ​​Business.

International Trade and Global Communications .
I still maintain the notion that the use of Force & Violence , the Superpowers of the World are the Jungle Kings in Mankind Jungle . When the major Superpowers improve their fields of Human Rights and Freedom , Democracy and Culture , I think they are improving their Civilization and better than the previous period . If you look in this direction , Red China seems trying to revive Its Ancient Civilization , with renovation & modernization implied with its old social consciousness in this period.
Can Chinese civilization be revived and offer potential impacts on humanity ? These are key questions that we need a lot of time to insert Good-Oriented Culture in his humanity , after establishing a stable foreign policy very essential in this decade, and they after the metabolism in the lifestyle of their Continental and World Making connections . Time of Transformation can last decades in adjusting of living with the Asian culture and the World region. Finally, they can select a sample of What Superpower it will be ? Currently, as its demand in economic resources , China is facing the resistance of other countries in the region and probably, in the whole Globe. The reason for the trading activity, of course, there will be competition and conflicts as well as necessary adjustments . The Forest of the World in the future will not have the 4 Jungle Kings but more Superpowers as we expect in the 5 Continents, such as New Economy Alliances, New Economy Powers emerging, including some Abitious Nations in Nuclear power as well, for example Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, India, etc..

Thus, an ancient Chinese Civilization is needed to revive and update some levels of evolution and its civilization requirements, in many areas, such as language , promotion of Social Theory , Policy, and materially, as Machine , Automotive , Aircraft , Engineering , Science , Medicine , Industry , and invention of new Brands for Utility, Social Moderns, etc. .. Those also requires a real long time for accomplishment…

 The Valued Philosophy , Religion & Culture of Human Beings in the past centuries, etc..< these areas are presented above>, are required Subject sublimation according to the educational level of the masses of humanity . Not any other country can meet the Spiritual needs & Materials for the human world . According to me , that depends on the geography , geomancy , the inheritance of history and the creation of customs or habits, as well as the creative essence of all peoples , etc. .. Thus, we have to accept the diversity of religions and cultural practices , ideologies and social Habits of every region in the world . So far , more distant countries havn’t yet been exposed to Western Civilization or the Eastern Philosophy, etc. .. Therefore, related Superpowers must go through this time period from the beginning and gradually to the progress evolution onesin general .

Modern and also changes in the future?

Although present , we see a lot of stress in the Making and Friction of the culture or the economy , we still see among all races of people, there is a common denominator, To Become Mature, Up Progress, slowly but firmly , from their Original Culture and spread to others, according to space and time .. We have an old proverb, saying , ” Take your voyage to see the world, you know this? Staying at home with your mom, when you can become wiser? ” That means It is encouraging us to be very cautiously open to observe the changes in the human world , and then, correct the shortcomings that we still hold. I think Red China will have to pass the same period . So I think we do not need to worry about changes in the these social processes, such as life conflicts and fights, the Selection of Modals of Human Civilization with Adjustments to Improve Its Society. Thus, the final destination will be a destination of Compassion , an Human Nature and the Purpose of Integration with the Human Beings World, univerally.

Conclusion :

The World more likely attains its higher sublimation and can also turn down to a jungle and fieceful forms. This depends on the Construction of only, the Superpower Leaders as well as the Social Leaders , Educators , Religious Leaders today. Overall, the achievement is still a need for Powers & Benefits Reconciliation of the Human World . While being in exile , I have lived in many places , I still see the Human Beings, in general, have their original Good Seed, or Character, as old Chinese scholar Confucius said , “The orginal character of Mankind is always good ” and at my young years in school, the cultural famous proverb, “ The Pearl without maintaining and decorating, It will become an unuseful rock”. Towards our Global Future, I still hope World Superpowers will follow their Promotional Processes towards their Good Objectives for Mankind as wel as for Themselves. For Red China, I believe when It becomes a Real Superpower, It will follow USA Sample in the Progressive Period to share into the World Community its Cultural Values as well as Economy Prosperity with Maturity Mindset./.

 Tran , Vanson

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