(Palavering Social Issue Poem)

 There has been an Anti Red China Communicative Movement in USA, which is known as hotter than the China South Sea Event.  The reason is influenced by A Book named Death By China, as well as A Movie of the Same Topic.  The Author is Mr. Peter Navarro, an Economist issued his Book in the last few years..  He accused Red China having used sinister plots in economic transactions in the globe with immorality and malice ways to gain its Interests.  Please read the details in our Referenced Sources for Red China’s Objectives in Economy as well as Arrogant Policy through its Military Build.

 Red China Activities are challenging the World in every corner of the globe causing a lot of confusion for others.. Like in the China South Sea, Asia, Red China drew a Large Bulk Tongue to violate several Nations’ Sovereignty of Marine and Natural Resources, etc..  (Recently, Red China moved its Oil Rig to Vietnam’s Maritime Sovereignty).


In Africa, Red China Investments and its Policies have caused a lot of Anti-Red China Activities.  Meanwhile, some of the World Commentators preview Red China Self Destruction could have been happening through sereral Proofs, such as the Discrimination of Ethnic Groups, the Tibet, Mongolian Groups and Muslim one in Xinjiang, etc..  where Movements of Anti China Government have been raised.  The Majority of People in China Continent are still poor.  In addition, there were new Movement of People Demonstrations for their better Social Welfare as well as the Internal Revenge or Elimination of the Government’s High Classes between themselves.

 In addition, the Environmental Pollution has become serious in Red China due to its Greedy Program of Industrialization.  The World Views has been very worried about Red China and Its possible Wrongdoings.  The China Social Tragedies could be begun from the Mao Ze Dong’s period.  Do you think his Subordinate Young Leaders are wise enough and culturally well educated?


In the Eastern Europe, the Jungle King, the Strippled Tiger, Russian Federation has grasped a limb of old Brother Ukraine, the Crimea Region and possibly, the whole Eastern Region of this small nation, Ukraine.  The New Jungle King, Russian Fed is still stalking and probably grasping some more?

 In the Asian Continent, the New Jungle King, Gray Tiger Red China has drawn a large Bulk Tongue Region in the South China Sea, shaking the Sovereign of several Nations with Rich Natural Resources as well as Sea Traffic Rights of the whole World, in which Communist Vietnam is critically hurt, even CVN is Red-China’s Brother, but It does’n’t care, when Wild Tiger is getting hungry.

 It seems to me Mankind Jungle in this century has not changed at all.  The Ambition of Superpowers is consequently continue their Old Gene; like the Wild Animals always showing their rough Grasping Habits.  Our Global Culture has not been promoted at minimum rate as we hope?  Each Superpower still maintains its greedy and  separate dream, spreading out several Sorrowful Implications into Human Life.

 How about You?  Have you recognized clearly your Life Direction?  Please spread out your Good News to the Globe.  In my part, I pray my Almighty each night and my Good & Hopeful  News hasn’t come clearly yet, even its Glory Reflection..  Is it true that Mankind History is still being in the Immense State where Mankind’s Original Substance, originally a Monkey One,  will be, sooner or later, returning to the Dust?

 Vanson Tran – 5/2014


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