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 We’d better find out Who Issued the National Policies? even one single region or the whole Nation? Those Policies had been influencing the People of the Whole Culture from Yesterday as of Today.. The People of the World are the component that have always been effected by their Governments’ different Policies, even in Conflicting or Peacefully Co-Existing Direction.  Therefore, we can’t blame the People who always expect their Governments to build their Better Level of Welfare and Peaceful Comfortable Life.

 But the Governments, as we experienced, have caused several Historical Tragedies in the last century and People of different Nations have been drawing into the bad situations by their different Conflict Policies.  We’ve seen several Youths sacrifying in the Wars, most of the time, their brain were influenced by their Government’s standpoint or direction.

 Do you think of  the word: Freedom in our Life Stream?  It seems to me it doesn’t have the absolute meaning at all. Exactly like a Food Dish, the Cook has brought out from his Kitchen with Usual Spices that smell familiar to most of us.  However, better food or dishes in this World are found more and more, if you travel to different Cultures today, do you agree?  In theses Voyages, sometimes you may see some Prisoned Culture in a certain meaning, like a Cage, in which, the birds sing the same tune.  They don’t know the outside skies;  because they haven’t escaped out into a better and wonderful ones. 

 Following me, It has another sky or another Education Background that can elevate us to a higher level, a promotional & creative level?  We’d not let our Education is framed by certain bad habits, such as Brain-Washed Way and People Mind are forced to follow to a certain direction so many years ?  That is why, the Government’s Politics mut be in the Freedom and Democracy Direction so that its People has their right to choose their Needs.

 From this background, the Internal Politic Parties must adapt their Road/Direction that the Nation is facing.  Today, we’ve seen so many Demonstrations requesting their Social Welfare Benefits.  Following me, that is normal, because our Cultural Promotion has been in effect.  From Syria, Middle East to South East Asia, we’ve seen several People’s Demonstrations, the Government must flexibly satisfy their Needs at once.  The Governments must update their National Policies several times to improve their Politic & Cultural  Background in their Society.  They could not force their People doing this or that, etc..; because their Administration would be collapsed if their Policies are against the People’s Will.  Several Nations today have been fell into their Unbalanced Policies with required better Qualities, like Red China, North Korea, Communist VN, Burma, Thailand, well as several Others in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and even in  South America and Russia as well.


We think deeply when the National Boat is in storms, the Government Leaders should recognize or understand at once, particularly their People’s Needs for Social Welfare and other Aspects of Life to update.  They must not force their People to implement the Governments’ Policies, particularly the Shortcomings.  If the Government does not update on time their Shortcomings, they will direct the Nation into a Stormy Stream causing the Collapse in their Culture!


Tran, Vanson – 5/2014


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