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(News, Social Palavering Poem)

  In the last Poem, we did discuss about Mankind Historical Ambitions.  In this time, which direction or where have we been directed to?  In which Period, cuturally, will we be able to see clearly how the direction will be changed?  In general view, it seems we have different Superpowers that are competing one another to become as the Champ of the Mankind Jungle?  The Scheduled Conference of Martial Arts Fight as the MA Writer Kim Dung described for the next one, still will be gradually exposed with its appearing Processes?

 For this Present Period, if the Yellow Tiger the Jungle King of USA and the While One, the Jungle King of EU ally tightly, it will cause a situation in which the Stripped Tiger, or the Jungle King Russia to be allied with the Gray One, the Jungle King of Red China.  Those are the Game Moves of our Present Jungle Kings at present? For the meanwhile, we talk about the succulent Deer Herd of Vietnam.  After the WWII, the brothers of VN were divided into two parts:  the Vietnamese Nationalists pursuited the Cultural ideology of Westerners and American, the Yellow and White Tigers.  The Vietnamese Communists, having used the Decolonizational & Anti Feudalist Propaganda, naturally followed the Communist Bloc of Sovietic Union (SBSU)?  This time, the CBSU was very well known in the Globe which attracted so many Students in the world.  However, I do not know the deeper reason, the SBSU Bloc was completely collapsed in a short period of time.

 But after a few decades later, one remarkable student came back to rebuild the Bloc.  He is Pres. V. Putin now, but He has modified Russia into a New Empire, it is known as Russian Federation now. The Russian Federation is known as the Jungle King of this Jungle Corner, and its name is the Stripple Tiger which, having been stronger & trying to expand its Strength in the Eastern Europe. Due to Its  local rich Oil and Gas Resource in the Economy, The Jungle King of Russia has roughly grasped some parts of some other small Nations in the Region, like Georgia and Ukraine, the Ex Subordinating Nations of Previous SBSU.

 Both the Yellow Tiger Jungle King as well as the White Tiger One have been patient in spreading their New Social Ideology of Liberalism and Democraticism in the Globe. They have forgotten some Advice of their different Masters, to establish very difficultly the World’s Equal Level of Global Welfare for Human Beings?

 The Gray Tiger or Red China Jungle King has inherited its historical gene of the Champ of Warring Nations Period, having thought it can recover the Qin Emperor Glory Period, tries to follow its Expansion Dream in the Asian Region.  It has aimed at the whole Region of the  Pacific Bulk Tongue, a Rich Natural Resource.  We also recall China has lost its ancient Civilization which was collapsed, personally, by lacking of New Social Inventions and Realistic Needs for the People.  Accidentally, Ex Pres. Richard Nixon of USA has come and offered Red China a very lucky Golden Period.

 Today, Red China has strongly recovered its almost collapsed Energy.  Now, it seems to me that, Red China has become a Rich Capitalist with Bags of Money on his shoulders?  Red China’s Subordinate Brothers are North Communist Korea, Communist Vietnam, and Communist Cuba, together, they lean on Red China as a new Superpower after It changed and directed their Political Objectives into the Western Economy Market for better economy life.

 What is the Western Economy Market?  It is a Form of Modern Skills How to Improve National Economy to a Prosperity and Common Welfare of the People, nationally and internationally,  now I believe, Red China is considered as the Leader of North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba and issueing Social Orders in this Bloc.  Therefore, when seeing and being attractive by the Territorial Domain of the Spratley Islands of Vietnam full of National Resources, oil and sea foods, etc.. Red China can’t help stopping its greedy  expansion plan toward the China South Sea in the Region.

 Is It right that the Reason of the Strong always wins? However, the Vietnamese Communist Leaders are loyal to Red China for long and  Leaders never reacted when Red China expanded and occupied previously some parts of the Spratley Islands, building its Headquarter of Tam Sa District? Is that true that VNC Force has been strong enough after liberating South Vietnam with the full help of Red China, then VNC Leaders are leaning on this Superpower for so long?  It does not make sense now to oppose Red China when this Superpower continues drawing Its Oil Rig to another location in the South Sea?  Do VNC Leaders still think Red China is a good brother of Vietnam? Do VNC Leaders still think Red China never invade VN’s territory?

 Another the question, do VNC Leaders think the Whole Vietnamese follow their Party 100% without any other Different Standpoints?  To me, VNC Party Leaders have miscalculated this time?  Nobody thinks that his own Brother is greedy about his property, because of their Brotherhood?  But now, the Brother is malice?  How hard for VNC Leaders to react?


Is it true that VNC Party must lean on its own Whole People to fight Red China for regaining the Spratley Island this time? Personally, They were wrong because they have owned to Red China Help, (weapons and foods), a Wrong Investment in history to fight  for obtaining its present Position.  Therefore, it is hard for VNC Party Leaders to unite the whole people now into one Bloc to fight against Red China for regaining its Spratley Island so far. Historically, it is not the time of General Hung Đao to have A National Union to Fight China as before?  The VNC Leaders are stuck seriously, without any appropriate Solutions at all!

 What do we expect the VNC Leaders?  Personally, I hope VNC Leaders must reunite All Classes of People, inland and overseas today, to rebuild their History again, as well as to lean on some Superpowers which fight for Mankind Justice and Human Rights in the Globe today.  Being a Vietnamese Communist Refugee, I  hope they will find out some appropriate Solutions anwyway, some Intelligent Solutions to protect Vietnam’s Territory Sovereign as well as to rebuild a stronger, more united, and more properious Fufure Vietnam. To me, in this World, a Mankind’s Jungle, particularly VNC Party Leaders must lean on a Strong and Honest Superpower for our Culture’s Improvement with Value Characters indeed./.

 (One More Final Part)

 Tran, Vanson – 5/2014

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