Tham Vọng Lịch Sử Con Người


(News and Social Palavering Poem)

 Through History, we have been bearing/sustaining a lot of Implications in the several times of Mankind Historical Ambitions? One Ganghis Khan of Old Mogolia,  One of Facism, WWII, of Italy-Japan-Germany, Another One of Cold War of Sovietic Communist Union, and Another One of Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom of USA and Western Nations.. have been experienced.  And today,  Another Direction of Some Mankind Jungle Kings is creating a lot of Implications, because of their Ambitions, as we have mentioned in our previous Social Palavering Poems..

 The 5 Jungle Kings have been mutating a lot of Challenges and Changes in the Mankind Jungle.. Like in the East Asia Region,  Red China, a Gray Tiger has been recovering its Energy.  Like in the East European Region, Russia, a Strippled Tiger, has been roaring strongly?  It has grasped partially the Sweet Deear Ukraine just because of it own separated situation.

 The East South Sea in Asia, the Gray Tiger (Red China) has been very aggressive to grasp the whole Bulb Tongue Region of the Pacific Ocean, a Region of rich Natural Resources, like Oil as well as Sea Foods.  Red China has created its Competitive Pressure with 6-7 other small nations in the South East Asia, like Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Phillippines, Brunei and Malaysia.. conflicting very stressful events in the Pacific Ocean Area now.

 We have considered through the past Processes of previous Superpowers in history, we believe the higher Historical Ambitions had caused higher Implications for Mankind!  Personnally, I was born in a very small country, Vietnam and I have been sustaining my whole life with Internal as well World Wars and then, several Immigrations.  My whole Family has been torn out through the whole long period of 7-8 decades In Wars as of today.. I think I have escaped from A Streamlife with thousands of Tragic Whirpools, but not.  In my Life Experiences, I realized millions of human beings have been killed without any hope!  due to the Wars where several Global People fought and killed each other!

 Today, we are facing several Conflicts from Asia and Eastern European Regions, I see Small Countries must lean on Superpowers, or some Jungle Kings to be survival.  Like the Yellow Jungle King (USA), the White One, EU and Russia, the Stripped One, in the Eastern Europe Region.  It seems that Mankind Jungle in this Corner of the Globe has been informed with Signs of the new Storms that have been blowing into the area.

 Several people and Friends have been seriously influenced because the Regional Events in the Eastern Europe as well as the Eastern Asia having been causing.  Tragedies have been seen with sorrowful tears in several situations, several sufferings, several deads or wounded!  I am asking this World, Why Do We Need A Lot of Ambitions?  For What ?  Why Don’t We, Mankind, Live a Simple Life?  To me, we just need a humble Cottage, a simple meal with eough nutrition, and a peaceful happiness.  I realize the Huge Buildings and Splendid Palacial Mansions are not helpful at all.  Even the Useless Big Cities with Luxury Utilities can not help the Majority of Poor People in the Present World.

 I feel sorrowful for millions of miserable Immigrants and I also realize the higher Civilization of Modern Weapons, Machinery, and Luxury Materials has been far away from our Humanity Love? Just because this Form of Life has not established a Happy & Peaceful One for our Mankind, but full of Challenges and Competitions or Tragic Wars?

 I have thought the Superpower Leaders are very intelligent and outstanding in handling the World Affairs, creating a Paradise for the Earth, but when comparing with several Bibles of different Religions, I am sad, because it seems to me that They Are Missing An Human Morality, even they are famous in Social Propaganda, meanwhile, they still build up their excessive Ambitions?

 If we read our Historical Wars again and again, we don’t expect their Ambitions have been destroying our Global Humanity Love?  By these reasons, I dream  and I appreciate All Leaders Of Superpowers as well as Religions of The World to reflect and rebuild our Global Life better, a Peaceful and Interdepent Life for All People in the World Today!

 Tran, Vanson  –  5/2014


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