Con Đường Duy Nhất Của Việt Nam?

English Translation


(Vietnam News, Palavering Social Poem)

Well, Human Being Energy is limited; So, we need Friends?  Any historical lesson has shown its cause.  Among the Friendship Relation in life, we must recall our Ancestors’ Advice in our Culture’s Source of Folk Poems or Proverbs and we may apply for each situation.  For example the well known folk verses: “When being joyful, may hands of our friends are heard; but when being in sufferings, their hands are not seen anymore”?


Having been known for a very long time, the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP)  has characterized by one Color/Quality (or Socialism) which has recently been mutating to the Red Capitalism One and there are some differences, do our Intellectuals realize?  Historically, the VCP Members have been also known as the Patriotic Ones from the beginning, but they lacked of Unionship with the whole People, particularly characterized by Discrimination with Other Parties (Their Brotherhood) in the Country, self appraising as the best Intelligent Group in the Nation, therefore, causing the Elimination and Separation, sometimes Destruction among themselves, between Vietnamese Nationalists and Vietnamese Socialists for a long time,  almost 10 decades.

 Nowadays, their Politic Totalitarian Form has been seen in the country for long. This Form of Politics has separated themselves with other Parties and deeply their Whole People, too? They’d rather not started the South Vietnam Liberation Campaign in 4-1975 but reconciling All Classes of their Society in that very period. It is similar the role of Parents who must be tolerate and love their children, even they are different; because of their same family members, their same need to be united in the same situation of family boat, together they will fight for the stormy days in life.


The VCP Leadership has completely neglected that Required Quality in Action & Today, they realize their Shortcomings which are being destructive?  Getting along with a Friend Who Are Betrayal, meanwhile there are a lot of Interal Separations in the Family as well as in the Country?  The Cultural Foundation is similar the Background of An Immense Meadow which need a Good Skills in Agriculture, the Fields’ Working Experience, as well as the Ferterlizing Requirement to establish A Good Nutritional Land for Planting Selected Rices of Different Kinds of Species, etc..

 But now, we just see a Field, with an unique Red Rice Plants, that offers a Separation of Rice Species.  These Rice Plants will be loosing their Nutrition and becoming drier, destroying the whole promisable meadow, when Rough Winter Winds blows through.


Facing the Red China today, does VCP realize Its Human Characters of not? Does VCP realize What Is The Whole People? The People compose of the whole folks in the Country?  In which, there are several Standpoints, Members and Religions?  Therefore, VCO ‘d better not to be arrogant and self consider the Best and Most Intelligent Party of the Nations?  Because, at Present, VCP has realized its Shortcomings and Damages.  We hope VCP must as fast as possible to Adjust them; otherwise, It will be destroyed itself.

 The story of the Bundle of Chopsticks offers the Spirit of Strong Union.  If a herd of Deer are separated, they will be torn off by Wild Jungle Kings. By the disaster of the Hoang Sa Island when  the Huge Oil Rig is being occupied by Red China, we insist VCP must quickly to react as soon as possible, particularly how to maneuver our whole people to participate into our National Management.  VCP must accept the multi parties or pluralism in our Politic Form for the nation in order to strengthen our Culture as soon as possible.


The Pluralist Culture will be united strongly and promoted to a higher level of evolution and It will be Firm Fort against Different Enemies. The more You Are Arrogant and Self Satisfied, the more Vietnam Sweet Deer will be grasped cruelly by Wid Animals.  Our People will be torn out and weaker without Ability to Fight Against This Rough Enemies, particularly a Worse Friend? Like Red China Friend who is bullying us now.  So, VCP must try to adjust with Constitutional Amendments, as suggested by us few time ago, to meet our Present Requirements.  I hope Vietnam would be brighter in a near future and together with 5 Continents and 4 Oceans’ World People to improve our Mankind Culture for Good!

 Tran, Vanson – 5/2014


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