(Palavering News & Social Poem)

Considering this coming Modern Challenging Fight, we must read the book, “Vo Lam Ngu Ba or the 5 Champions” of Mr. Kim Dung, a Chinese famous writer in a very attractive Martial Arts novel, in the last few decades. At present, we have 5 strong Tigers or 5 Jungle Kings in the Globe. We temporarily name Them the 5 New Vo Lam Ngu Ba, or the 5 Modern Champions?
<Superpower USA>, the Yellow Tiger, has been previously known as No 1. <Superpower Russia> the Stripped One, No 2, Superpower China, the Gray One, No 3, <Superpower EU>, White One No 4, and the last one, the Black One, No 5 representing the Al Qeada Forces?

In Mr. Kim Dung’s Book, there are 3 Fighting Ring Times between the 4 Tigers of the Human Jungle. Everyone, having read this book, expects another Ring Time, the 4th One. Readers who want to see the previous 3 Ring Fights, please click at our Referenced Source to read their details. Today, we try to adapt these 5 Jungle Kings into our story, by the time, we realize the 2 Jungle Kings of China and Russia whom we have just seen in their very hot actions in the world news, recently.
In the Western Sky, A very sweet Dear, Ukraine was bit and torn partially, and its body was so hurt! The Crimea Region has been assimilated into Russian Federation so fast! In the Oriental Sky, there is also another Small Sweet Dear, Vietnam, which has just been grabbed by the Gray Tiger causing a serious wound! We have heard this Gray Tiger had grabbed this lovely Dear three -four times..
The Mankind Jungle, after WWII, has been in peace for a while and related Jungle Kings have been trying to reconcile each other. Mankind expect their Fightings For Power and Interests would be stopped for a while; However, It is not like that. The Five Of Them seem to persuit Different New Needs of Power and Interests? These Pursuing Objectives would be hapenned along with their Challengings with Jungle Storms? Sooner or later, their Challenges will be tested and observed more and more clearly.
Professionally, the World also view some of these phenomenon, like their Allied Forms and United Together Activities are being formed… The Phillippines Rabit has been allied with the US Yellow Tiger, the Japanese Bear has also united with the US Yellow Tiger recently, so is the South Korea Zebra. Do we expect a lot of storms in the Human Jungle the coming period with several Changings or Mutations?
In the South Sea Region, I’ve just heard the Roar of the Gray Tiger which seems It has completely caught its Preay? The well known fighting skills of the Yellow Dear have been discussed with Its Experiences; However, I’ve also heard It has some Shortcomings as well, like It has not stood in its Herd Union but this Neglecting Attitude towards Its Big Neighbord Jungle Friend, Red China, is facing with Dangers. The News has been speading out, but I hope the Mankind Jungle would be stopping with its Storms after these 5 Jungle Kings Arranging their Power and Interests at the ending phase, so that Small Living Things could have A Peaceful Life while the Culture Of This Mankind Jungle will avoid The Worrying Months and Days in Near Future.

Tran, Vanson – 5/2014


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