TCIII Có Thể Gây Nên Bởi LB Nga hay TQCS?


(Palavering, News, Social Poem)

While Ukraine People are confusing because of their Cultural Division as we clearly see the Two Sides.  One Side wants to be assimilated to Fed Russia, and Another wants to be Ukrainian tending to Western Democratic Freedom;  However, the Forms of War are still be involved with even Cultural Conflicts when they are competing each other of their Interests as well as their Powers.  Looking at their Reality, this Conflict could lead to a More Serious Status, then one Side will push the button of their Modern Weapons, causing the World War III.  Therefore, the World will be suffered and more Tragedies will come to Mankind sooner or later?


In my previous Poem Part I, I was afraid of Super Power Russia and Sub Super Power Red China that may cause the WW3, in both Occidental and Western Skies.Then I look over the general situation of USA now, it seems to me that USA has been maneuvering Its Alliance Position of the Majority of Weaker Nations to avoid the Pressure of the Strong Jungle Kings today.  The Pressure of Wild and Strong Jungle Kings is heard through their roar and scream now when their energy is over loaded in their body?   The Yellow Tiger, USA, has been in a weak economy position; therefore, It has been applying another Humanity Direction as known as the Globalization?  In the weak economy position, USA has called several Small Nations to be Allied Into Force to fight again The Stronger Beasts; because USA knows This Is the Time of Only Unified Human Culture and Its Stronger Social Ideology could prevent the WW?

 The Implied Call of USA has shown One Status when All Nations Are In The Same Situation, hasn’t It?  Like our Vietnamese Literature Lesson of Mr. Nguyen Du in his famous Masterpiece “The Story of Kieu”, mentioned “Only Anyone who are in the same boat, could undertand well the Situation?”. Personally, this Elevating Human & Cultural Direction, in this very Century, has lighted in my Reason the Sense of Understanding that Ex President R. Nixon and today, President B. Obama’s Theorical Policies are quite right and possibly will be outstanding?

 We’d better look for the Direction of Mankind Culture today and Improve It, because our Culture is the Human One, not the Beast One.  So, we must adjust our appropriate Thinking and Doings to fit our Mankind’s Promoting & directed to  Evolutionary Direction. We may not delay in the Materialistic World, but we must elevate ourselves to the Road of our Life Evolution Stream; We must be idealistic and Spiritual from now on.. not always materialistic?  Being alienated into Materials, we will loose our Heart to our World Friends and People and the Rest of Mankind could become the Jungle of Wild Animals!

 Now, the Jungle King in the West (Fed Russia) is roaring and screaming,  just like a Beast in the Jungle which wants Eating Raw Meat?  So Is the Jungle King of Red China in the Asian Corner with their high dangerous Claws?  Their further Actions will destroy our Humanity Love.  Look at 1.3 billion of Chinese who have been suffering for centuries and now, they are forced to live under their Dictatorial Government’s Pressuse without Respecting Human Rights at all.  It seems to me that All Dictators or Leaders of the Totalitarian Regimes are similar Wild Beasts?  They have been hunting the Preys and looking for Weaker Herd Of Deers to grap and kill for their Meals?

 So, If your People or Your Nation are In Weak Position, You should ally each other as soon as possible to build a Strong Force against these Wild Beasts Today?  Please Also Listen to The Call of Our Almighty in our Sacred Bibles or Books.  What Did Our Almighty Call Us?  Well, Human Beings! Listen! Don’t be Greedy and Selfish!

 Tran, Vanson – 4/2014




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