(Palavering Social Poem)

I have been living in exile, after 40 years, in overseas land and it is a longer time I lived in Vietnam, my fatherland.  In my land, one unique Socialist Followers Party , a Totalitarian One, has seized the Governmental Position and ruled our Country.  I think the Older Leaders have almost retired and the Leadership has transferred to Younger Generation and they are managing the Government and other Areas of the nation.  I also think our Culture must adapt better and our Past History Page should be turned over to improve all related areas for our People’s better life; However, the Promoting Form which is being applied by Vietnamese Communist Party, naturally, is far away to our Global Democracy, & Freedom Knowledge.

Our Ancestors have left behind their Advice, such as “Don’t be self complacent A Lucky Time”, but we have to learn more Wisdom Knowledge on the Road we’ve passed.  Vietnam has gained its Independence for more than 4 decades.  Following me, It is enough time to build several foundations among the whole people, in many various social classes and in several Civil  Educational Knowledge in our all three Regions.

I have realized clearly some Shortcomings from outside in which Vietnam’s Politic Form through its Constitution which should be more developed than other People, because Vietnamese Communist Winning & Leading Party has had its highest wisdom to be worth the nomination of its Leading One of the Country.

While we still maintain the Social Discrimination internally, such as the Different Points of Politic Views, the Rich and Poor Gap, the Military Form of Organizing its People from Villages to Higher Administrative Regions, or in several other large Areas, such as People’s Social Security Benefits, our Country should have caused more and more Confused Problems.

Therefore, we must gradually improve our present Shortcomings, Invest and collect our People’s Higher Talent People Overseas to the Country in order to improve our Education Level how to be stronger and more stable for security.

More positively, we’d better adjust our Constitution with many of its Amendments as we can to accomplish our Leadership’s Responsibility towards our Country.  Our Ancestors have also left their Advices in Governing the Nation, like the proverb, “Subordinates will revolve if the Leaders are not righteous”.

40 years have been passing and your Limit of 100 years is the Standard for us to Plant Our Human Resources for our Country. In my first return to Vietnam, I observed Vietnam’s Politic Form was still behind its Progressive Level too far, and I hope Socialist Party of Vietnam must think tank and reflect as soon as possible; because, we have past 1/2 Road for our Nation’s Reconstruction.  The Remaining Part is only 1/2 time.  So please Adjust All Remaining Shortcomings in emergency.

The more you delay our National Progressive Road, your Governing Role will be loosing its Prestige and People will be unsatisfied, then our Nation will be in war again, our Society will have no Peace.

From Overseas, we have been awaiting for the Winners who should know how to develope their Mind and Intelligence in order to rebuild our Nation becoming Reconciled, Prosperous and Peaceful.  However, I realize in the basic Constitution of Vietnam, the Article No 4, the Socialist Party assumed Its Power of Governing the Country for ever.  That is known as the Injustice for our Nation and our People, while People have been improved and more progressive than our Old Time.

Therefore, I still hope and I would like to speak up MY WILL.  That is our Present Constitution Must Be Adjusted as soon as possible, in order to Get Along in time with our Mankind’s Progressive Stream Life, particularly into the Direction of Respecting Human Rights, Human Freedom and Democracy.

I am using the Facebook Page  to present my Constructive Opinion to share with Vietnamese Culture Rebuilding to A Progressive One.  We must forget our Sad Pages of History and together We share our Energy to  Rebuild Our Happy, Peaceful, and Prosperous Nation.  We sill desire and wait for A Returning Home Road even my Horse Is Old, but My Patriotic Mind Is Still Young!

Tran, Vanson – April/2014



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