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Vietnamese Term combined the Quality and Quantity in One:  Chất Lượng.  I think that is a new term to modify generally the Character of A Culture, particularly when Different Cultures are in our Modern Cultural Exchanges.  It modifies two Personalities with two different characters.  We also take some examples, like Russian Culture, Western One, USA One, and Chinese One (now Socialist China).

 In these Cultural Exchanges, several Culltures have input in our Nation when our National Leaders have been indigested culturally.  This kind of Cultural Indisgestion is similar to the One of Food when we eat a lot of different cuisine dish/dishes, our stomach will become indisgested & confused.

 Today, majority of us try to find materials when Economy combines several fields, such as high production, higher education for several different careers, etc… In brief, they are also covered in one word:  our Culture.


People also mentioned different kinds of Cultures:  like in a Jungle, there are several Jungle Kings, for example.  Nowaday, mankind has 4-5 Jungle Kings and they are willing to mutate their influence in their corner of power.  For example, the Jungle King of Fed Russia is positively catching more Lands for Its future Jungle, particularly by bullying Ukraine in the East Side, like the previous case of Georgia, particularly when FD Russia had recovered Its Stronger Power of the Past.

 In Asia now, we see another New Jungle King which is very aggressive, as people compare It as a Gray Tiger, Red China, with its recently better recovered Economy and Its Tongue of Bulk Region, the South Sea,   is now challenging other Countries in the Region.


So, the Characters of Culture, particularly of these Jungle Kings are in different forms when the World Mankind has been influenced into Different Alliances in the Globe to be survival.  What do they connect? if not their Power as well as their Interests?  Their DNA is characterized by the Tiger Gene as our well known poet The Lu mentioned in a famous poem:  ” The Tiger Tends To Miss its Jungle”

 Then, we recall the Western Culture is known as the White Tiger.  The American Culture is known as the Yellow One. So, we have 4 Jungle Kings in our Globe now,<they are:  Gray, White, Stripped and Yellow> and They are dividing the World into 4 different Influential Regions of Mankind Jungle.


Which One has better Cultural Characters, do you think? While the Small Countries are being confused and mutating into their Influences?  Probably, we must be calm to follow up the different Praying Sound of these Small Animals in the World Community in Different Spaces.


Following me, the Cultural Characters are similar our Food with different good tastes.  If the Food is delicious and reasonable, People naturally like to enjoy its Ingredients, particularly they are free to choose the best one, without discrimination or critics.  Then, I hope, in our World Cultural Exchanges, the 4 Jungle Kings with their Elevated Cultures, know how to realize the 3-Parts Natural Laws:  Human Accords, Time Fitting Period, and Favorite Space in this Life of 100 years of Human Beeings?

 So, what will you do to improve our Mankind Life and our Culture?  I appreciate your deepest consideration to build our Mankind Culture, how to attain our Everlasting Global Peace, Happiness and Humanity Love!


Tran, Vanson  – 4/2014

  NGUỒN THAM KHẢO CHO BÀI VIẾT:…/friedman-dont-just-do-somethin…The…/what-are-the-chances-for-peace-and-stability-i……/electrifying-the-globe-2014-beyo……/0046.htm



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