Các Chiêu Thức Ngoại Giao hay Chiến Tranh Các Siêu Cường Sử Dụng

(Palavering, News, Social Poem)

Objectives? Right, We must look for their Objectives to guess their Next Actions, then, we may see clearer What Objectives they aim at & How they will follow. Like the Russia’s Ukraine Case in the Eastern Europe, we may justify the Color of the Event. Then, so are the Actions of EU as well as USA? Now, a lot of Small Nations are very confused. The World Rumor says the Weaker Position of USA in Economy; therefore, Its Action has been known Unequal Energy at all? About Russian Federation Action, with its Leader Putin, like a Stripple Tiger, It is very strong and arrogant?

Overviewing through the Asian Region, the Gray Tiger, Red China, differently, stands by to observe the Other Superpowers challenging each other first.

So, that is the General Status of the International Event. In parallel with the Processes of the Situation, people need to look over the Fed of Russia’s next steps. The Two Regions of Ukraine with its two different Cultural Influences have been dividing separately, due to their Different Taste of Food, one is Russian Cuisine, another is EU Cuisine. The members of the same family have two different tastes; therefore, their Life Form has been dividing. Particularly, the Fed of Russia has been assuming its Ambitious Political Power in this period, and its New Emperalist Form will be surely established sooner or later to fulfill Pres. Putin’s New Strategy.

For Red China, its New Ambition of the South Sea Bulk Tongue Region is the main Objective. The Form of Diplomacy or War of USA and EU have been returned to their Defensive Postion and the World Community will be facing some difficulties, economically and culturally as well politically. This is the Confused Status due to the Superpowers’ Alliance Establishing Targets here and there.. Typically, Socialist Vietnam, Phillippines, Japan, the whole South East Region to South Korea, naturally have been or will be formed in their Allied Force Networks complicatedly, to present clearer and clearer which Superpower they will be leaning to, particularly in this Present Form of Diplomacy or War Preparation?

Communist Vietnam has obtained 4 Modern Submaries (may be Nuclear Ones). USA Warships of different kinds have reached Vietnam’s Harbors in recent days; because, USA still wants to re-establish Its Forces in the Pacific Ocean Region? While Russian seems to play the Iran & Syria Game in the Middle East when USA starts limiting its Objectives to this Region.

In brief, the Forms of Diplomacy and War of the 4 mentioned Modern Superpowers will be challenging each other with different Soft or Hard Manners, with their More Complicated Alliances. Then, we may see What Countries are influenced by What Superpowers of the World today? Personally, the World Warring Position is naturally combined with the Economic and Financial Conditions, including their Potential Natural Resources (Oil and Food) and Modern Nuclear Weapons to challenge Each Other, and sooner or later appeared on the International Screen.

However, the World War III will be Nuclear, & it will be a very dangerous Weapon menacing all our World Peace. Therefore, All Related Superpowers will naturally be scared of This Kind Of Weapon. Meanwhile, They Are & Will Be Closely, or Basically Related to their Alliances’ Formation now and in near future. UNTIL A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME, OUR HUMAN RECONCILIATION WILL BE COMING FOR BEING SURVIVAL AT LAST?

Tran, Vanson – 4/2014



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