Toàn Cầu Hóa và Khai Phóng Có khác nhau?



(Humorous, Social, Palavering Poem)

 Recently, our students have learned the term “Globalization”. Hearing the first time, we confuse with an Advanced Chemistry Class. How can we Globalize the Globe? What is the Real Meaning? Should we have the Talent of the Shen Vase (Bottle Genie or Angel)? In my childhood period, I was used to watch an Arabian Film from Persia, there was a Vase Genie in the little boy’s bottle.  Anytime He wants something, the Vase Genie appears helping him to realize his Dream’s An Unique Item at a time.

 In our Modern Time, we have a statement, “Let’s the Vase Genie appearing” because He could facilitate Everything for the Globe?  It seems He is the Master of Mr. Karl Marx and Mr. Lenine because He can distribute a Happy Welfare Life for Every Class of People on Earth?  We will be better if we listen to the Vase Genie, even our Economy is in crisis?

 For the term of Educational Liberalization <EL>?  We must think tank seriously about this Term.  Another way of understanding EL, we must learn Step by Step, basing on our National Education Liberal Program as well as on our own effort, not the Vase Genie.  In another word, our Brain must be developed so that our View can see the Bright Corners of the Sky.  If we follow Right Direction, we will attain the Educational Liberalization Environment; if not, we will be loosing this EL Objective or Objectives.  When we are in good direction, we will be able to have the Vase Genie Skills, from Which, we may be elevated to higher and further Orbits in to the Human Globe, leaving our Domestic One for More Progressivenesses?

 When testing our Talent in our Daily Computer’s Global News, we naturally and automatically understand right away All Data of the World – That Means we attain the Educational Liberalization.  But, we will be still blind in knowledging this Global Data, we are not educationally liberated at all. 

 Following me, our Vietnamese Education has not been liberated yet; Therefore, we must develop and liberate IT in time to Say Good Bye to the Vase Genie,  do you agree with me?

 Vanson – 3/2014





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