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(Palavering Social Poem)

 Recently, Russian-Union has assimilated Crimea into Russia comfortably. In Asia, Red China has drawn its Bulk Tongue incompletely; However, if analyzing the two actions of these two Powers, would we expect they aim at becoming New Empires in the Globe?  The Question is, “Do Russian-Union and Red China” really have this Ambition now?    What do they plan complicatedly and why do they become more confused?

 Both their Past & Present Behaviors have been lacking or respecting Human Rights?  Civilization Level must be understood more elevated than mere Culture.  Reason?  We must compare Civilization as An Ocean and Culture as A smaller Sea, and If they can’t handle their Culture, how could they handle the Ambitious Immense Ocean?

 These two Powers in different Dreams but their Behaviors in their Regions have created a lot of Tensions & Complications to Mankind.  Our Word Community’s View and Attitude are very confused even we should consider the World are our Neighbors, Brothers and Sisters, Relatives and Mankind.. But, their own Citizens now are very frustrated while they abuse Human Rights by Dominating their people with their Unique Party and their Self-Nomination to this highest leading position.  Following me, their Behavior can be evaluated in comparing with their Cultural Quality today.  It seems their Cultures are still repeated with Old Empires in the last Century.

 It is appreciated your Review and Evaluation now to see if Their Actions toward Mankind correct or incorrect?  In Red China, for example, Tibetans, Uyghurs and Mongols, are discriminated seriously & in Russia Ukranians & Georgians are now divided into different groups that have caused internally and culturally conflicts between themselves. (example:  Kosovo and Crimea Region).  Their Behaviors have caused the World Community Separation in the United Nations Organization.  Our World has been decreasing with Humanity Love and Understandings.  Even, their Economies are better; however, there are a lot of Complications For All.

 Do you think there were some Invisible Hands in Nature?  Recently, so many Natural Disasters, Tsunamies, Earthquakes have been happened.  Mankind is so hurt!  Finally, we hope All Superpowers think tank and together, rebuild our Mankind Love and Better Culture.  Only One Direction For US to proceed Is:  Our Building Of Human Love and Promoted Culture for All of Us with Full Respect of Human Rights, the Love of Human Beings.  Being Alienated into Materials, our Mentality Will Be Destroyed, particularly our Bright or Outsanding Part?  And That Will Delay Our Human Civilization For All!

 Tran, Vanson – 3/2014

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