English Translation

(Palavering Social Peom)

Love has a lot of sufferings?
Love has experienced a lot of Takings Care Of Each Other,
Then, It is soften like the Spring Water Stream when flowing?
From its Source following to its End of the Stream?

Like the Love of Republic of Vietnam and the United States..
They have shared sweets and sours for 20 years?
At Ending, they were both divided into two directions…
Well! don’t be sad, that is Love!

Like the Recent Love of Russia and USA..
Now, their Love has just met a difficult..
Russian has separated USA?
Or, when Russian Dream is recoved, it feels suffering?

On the Stream of Cultural Exchanges…
Like thousands of Love Winds?
Once, they have lovely embraced tightly..
Then, suddednly, They have been broken with Suffers?

Like the Love of China and Russia in the past?
Like the Love of Vietnam & China today?
It seems, on the Love Life Sream, back & forth..
In this Life, Love has sometimes got along very romantically & separated very sad as well?

Like Ukraine, when she was being still innocent and beautiful,
The heart of Russia had voluntarity offered Her Love, romantically!
Now, Love is ended, why her Heart has broken to pieces?
Russian has abandoned Her, Ukraine feeels sad, immensely!

Well, Love in Mankind Cultural Exchanges..
How much have they met each other for Love?
We ask each other, Gentlemen, on the Stream?
Being hurt, we are more complicated with Love!

So, that is It! Mankind Love in their Culural Exchanges ..
1000yrs is their Love really tight and romantic?
Or even, in the last 100yrs, do we feel Love still Innocent?
In our Mankind Cultural Exchanges, Humanity Love, actually, has been always hurt!

Vanson – Sharing with Lonely Ukraine Situation!









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  1. tran dinh phung Says:

    Indeed !

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