(Palavering Economic, Social Poem)

 Following me, it’s not enough, just like a Rich Big Bug! Otherwise, He must be generous in his social activities.  If a man is rich in assets but he is not generous, but selfish, he can’t contribute anything to his society at all.  So is a Superpower, It can be a generous man if it contribute its supports to society.  Today, several Billionaires and Millionaires generally occupy 80% of Current Assets, of Natural Resources and Fixed Assets of the World, while estimated only about 10% of the Population of the World.  This figure is an unsecured phenomenon for our society?

 Like Syria today as well as several Nations in the previous time where several Velvet Revolutions  in which people could be very poor and starving, as well as the majority have reacted to others for gaining their Survival Condition.

 To be recognized as a Superpower, following me, we must not define purely on Economic point of views only, or to be famous in its Nuclear Weapons; because these Superpowers oppress other poorer Nations forcing them  to be subordinated to these Superpowers, like in our old China history, Emperor Qin and his Empire oppressed the 7 neighboring frustated small Nations.  Returning to the limit of a nation, what factors have made our Peace consistently stable?  Personally, It is the People’s Level Of Social Welfare which must be not inequal, but should be generous and  equal between the Rich and the Poor Class in the Society.

 Because, The Poor Condition is the Main Cause of Conflicts and the Wars; Therefore, we hope Modern Superpowers should consider their Politic Policy in equalizing People Welfare in the Society, beside the Social Education how to plant next Good Generations to be good plants for culturally improving as well; because the Outstanding Background is Societal Foundation.

 As we’ve seen recently, several Nations of Injustices and Oppressions caused by the Powerful Government will be, sooner or later, collapsed because they have built their Tower on the Sand Foundation.  The higher Ideology in Culture, particularly Humanity Love, should be directed into before dreaming of the Superpower Position in the Globe.  Old Vietnamese Proverb says, “When Something spreads out its own good Character, Its Perfume will be smelled sooner”.  Would the Proverb be our Good Direction, particularly for our Social Leaders?

 We hope All National Leaders know how to compromise their Interests to build together our World Common Prosperity & Happiness .  Otherwise, only rich but selfish Economy can’t help our Mankind at all, but create more Injustices and Complications in Human Life.

 The Reason is practical; because You Could Be A Superpower Today, but Tomorrow, You Could be Collapsed & Destroyed; just Humanity Love is depended on our Human Cultural Promotion Together, even in our so many Centuries History ago?

 Tran Vanson – 3/2014

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