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(Palavering News, Social Issue)

The Malaysian Jet Boeing 777 has been vanished for a week already. It is impossible for our high technology and outstanding level of science that failed to trace out the vanished huge airplane? Particularly, 6-7 nations have been trying to search in the Region and Its Surroundings in the Pacific Ocean, specially the South Sea Area, which spreads very far away for more than 1000 km2?

Through the different sources of communications in the last 10 days, we knew that It is not the cause of Nature or Weather; therefore, they ‘ve narrowed into the Human Beings’ Causes. We all knew that It is not the Cause of Technology or Scientific Structure of the Plane either; therefore, if we accept the Causes implemented by Human Beings, we must presume Somebody has controlled the Plane Pilot Room and Who Has The Absolute Rights and Ability in the Pilot Room, beside the Assgned Pilots? Now, we furtherly suppose The Pilots did not cause the Interruption of the plane Communication, so far, we must suspect there was some Force of Terrorism having taken place on the Plane.

But why didn’t the Terrorists explode the Plane? What Purposes Did They plan to do? We may have several Parts or Standpoints being related? Who are the Enemy, or Enemies in this Asia Continent and they are related to the Airplane? What Are They? Why Are Their Skills so outstanding and clever? We must also consider 153 Chinese Passengers first, while Premier Misnister Ly Khac Cuong positively requested to search to the end the Vanished Airplane with more and more options.

Some people have thought & recommend to use of a Mistery or a Conjuring Preacher to search the Vanished Airplance with Full and Clear Explanations, if generally, the Causes are not related to the Technology Aspect. Gradually, we must believe in Another Reason: the Politics? If so, we must research again the Related Reasons in our Reality now. Then we may conclude Whose Made Related Mistakes and What Are the Main Causes for the Event?

Vanson Tran – 3/15/14


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