English Translation

(Palavering News & Social Poem)

A scaring Roar of a recovered Jungle King is heard in A Corner of Mankind Jungle which has been Something; but this new Roar seems coming from a Younger Generation One, of the Beasts in this Jungle, I guess. People have expected the Jungle Spring should be wonderful; however, the Jungle Flowers’ Color, unfresh and not perfume, but faded regrettably. The wild Birds herein suddently fly away, and far away in different directions!

The Jungle Order seems very menacing and it has been changing back to The Old Days tAtmostphere? People see on the ground, like the color of blood here and there! Human Love herein has been effected with Past Sufferings, after their Cultural Cancer Destructions, now again, been facing its old dangerous Disease with numerous genes?

The young Jungle King’s Roar is characterized its Wild Sound and the Human Love on this Lifestream has not been really found. Could it be possible that in this Corner of the Jungle, its Cultural Cancer Tumors have not been disappeared at all & repeated again with its old DNA?

In this very sunset, People hear the scary Roar and smell the fresh blood being imaged back along with the Jungle Wind in different Corners of the Jungle, bringing back some regrettable traces of this Jungle’s Glorified Period which has been destroying away for a long time?

Stopping by this Jungle, I sit down near a Spring and I hear something motioned in my heart. I have thought Ukraine People have actually received their Peace? But no, they are going to engage into a Civil War again! Just because Mankind today still have a lot of Differences, particularly from the Competition of Powers and Interests of Some Jungle Kings?

Tran Vanson – 3/2014


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