English Translation

(Palavering Economic, Social Poem)

<Being a Super Debtor, CC> doesn’t make USA to be worried at all? Why? it is a Huge Debt of the Nation? Today, Mrs. Janet Alen, the new Federal Reserve Chair, is still rather calm and smiling, easily. Why? She says National Debts will be gradually paid, don’t be worry, USA will consolidate and pay its debts annually until It will be paid off. Naturally, It sounds very easy, doesn’t it?

I compare with a famous Gentleman, named Chổm of Vietnam in its fictional history. The story told us He was always in debt all of his life, but finally, He was lucky to be voted becoming the King of the country.

Considering USA Debt Status as of this year, in both sides of the National Balance Sheet, its Assets as well as its Liabilities. Well, we must define the Assets Side is the Input of Money or Assets and the other side Output is the Expense of the Annual Budget Report in the Balance Sheet.

It is wonderful for this Fed Res Chair position which requires only his/her talent in managing these only Two Accounts of the National Balance Sheet, Status and Appropriate Measurements, etc.. along with the Up and Down Economic & Financial Balancing Status of the Nation.

I recall when Ex. Presidents R. Reagan and Bill Clinton left the White House, the USA Budget Balance Sheet recorded with Positive Suplus No? That means USA Budget was not deficit but surplus. But, after Ex Pres Bush Jr, Republic Party, left the White House, a huge debt, like the Super Debtor of VN, Chua Chom. Probably, the Main Cause was resulted by the Bush’s War Policy in Iraq?

When new Pres. Barack Obama was elected, in his first term, USA Budget was deficit about <13,000 billions>? and Today It is almost <17,000 billions>. The more debt is charged or budget is deficit, USA is difficult in balancing its operations. Therefore, the Intervention into Ukraine with Russian Tiger, Pres. Putin is not strong enough?

We would be more simply understanding, like in Vietnamese Cultural Proverb, <Being Strong because of Rice, and Being Courage because of Money>. We still exclude the Communist Chinese who suddenly become lucky and super rich. Now, the have bought a lot of Weaponry & Military Equiments as well as invested a lot in Vietnam. The arrogant rich Chinese have been present in several Vietnamese Areas in several Investment Projects, making Vietnamese so suprised, particularly the Officials In Power who have more opportunities to take advantage of.

Well, our Country Fate has been up and down in several (6-7) decades, we would expect our People will have some chances to be a little better? Because Rich Chinese are Red Capitalists now, anyway. If these Two Capitalists try to exploit our People, they will be more suffered; but, If they are more generous, with their Human Open Love in this century, our People will be getting some Lucky Time, and whoever in the position of CHOM will be very lucky then? May God helps Vietnamese People!

Tran Vanson – 3/2014


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