(Palavering Social Poem)


If you have read and researched the Richest Superpowers, by the way, you’d better read and research more about the Global Billionaires. In our below References, in which Forbes.com Source mentioned about only 85 billionaires who are the Richests of the globe. This website also reported in the Economy Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Oxfam  as a Subject of Social Injustice; because the majority of people on this globe are labors working for the minority of richest billionaires, and because the majority of properties are belong to the 1%  of the world population (estimated 7 billions) with the est. value of a huge amount of 111 trillion of US dollars.  The Report finally concluded, in our last three decades, the majority of Labor had an Injustice or Inequal Level of Social Welfare.


Let’s review around the globe with different Superpowers from all Nations of Asia to Western Continents.  We have found out a lot of Injustices in this Social Welfare Level as well.  Mankind must immigrate from this place to other because of their economy needs, particularly their Unequal Social Welfare Level in the last decades.  Internally, in majority of nations, the governments are ambitious to be the richests even they apply sometimes their corruption skills.  It is very regrettable for me to miss introducing Mrs. Hien Duc who has tried to sort out & claimed the Abusing Minds to gain their Richness in our life time.


Another example, in the last 4-5 decades, several Vietnamese Revolutionists, who were previously  very poor (belong to the proletarian class), now become very rich, millionaires or billionaires!  Similarly, the Capitalism in Western Nations, has produced so many Group Of Interests who have seized almost Banks and the Important Infra Structures of the Globe after being allied into strong Multinational or National Corporations.  These very Corporations have produced more Millionaires and Billionaires. When the Economy Market still exist the Monopoly Form, this Form helps to make rich for these Groups of Interests.  The remaining Majority are Labor Forces, even at any level of Hourly Pay Basis, high or minimum, because the Labors can’t be rich easily?


To be rich, they must have their certain worknets, comrades or dear friends, such as a proverb presumed in the phrase of COCC = means the Children of Big Leaders or the Nephew of Big Dad in society.  Another one is very famous in daily life, do you recall?  That is “No 1: Dear Friends, No 2: High Position, No 3: Money and No 4: Laws & Regulations”.  Previously, I thought of Uncle HO, who was a social idealist, having travelled around the world to find his Ideal Theory and coming back to teach not well his Students who have become rich by corruptions?


So, how could we blame Others when we are mistaken? Therefore, this World has another Nick Name:  The World Of Money and It has produced the Minority of Billionaires and Millionaires while the Majority are Labors.  Do we expect again another Cycle of Social Revolution?  by our Next Century’s Scholars who will invent some Better Social Theories in building the Globe’s Human Morality in order to uproot all the Selfish Rich Class in our Society again?

 Tran, Vanson – 3/2014


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