(Palavering Social Poem)- Translation of Previous Posted One

Vietnamese, in general, is limited. For example, the word Founders in English Dictionary, what do we translate correctly? Back & forth, I can’t find a satisfied definition, then I use the word “Founders/các Ông Tổ Sáng Lập”. To found is a transitive verb; so we must have objective. What have they foundered? or what did they found? if those “Whats” are analyzed in details for well understanding?

I believe the Mankind’s Regimes like Feudalism, Colonialism, Totalitarianism, Emperalism.. are Spoil Ones of our Globe History. They’ve been hated and cursed by almost people. Looking carefully into our World History, the World War I, II, Cold War and several periods, Colonalists, Facists are the Defect Ones. Very recently, the Fake Communism has been known as the Totalitarian One and their related Founders would be stupid and talentless, or at least, their brains would be cancered or defect? The reason we’ve experienced their bad crops of planting Human Beings with tragedies. Today, Mankind is suffered with more crowded Poor Labor Class or the Rich & Poor Gap.

However, if looking more carefully, there have been several Wonderful Founders as well. For example, the Ones having foundered Automobiles, Airplanes and Trains.. Whoever has foundered the Peneciline Drug or Tuberculosis Drug? Furtherly, whoever has foundered Electricity, Machineries and several different Utilities? In Old Time, we had to use Horse or Cow Carriages, today we are driving Cars, sitting comfortably inside, and watching beautiful sceneries? excluding our Tours to the world, like to Vietnam or to China where we could see a lot of Scooters or Taxi Drivers using Cell Phones, very conveniently!

So, our Mankind Civilization has treasured several wonderful Founders indeed! Like Mr. Bell in USA created the first Electric Bulb which has been seen by our Tu Duc King who said it was an Evil! I must doubt our King’s IQ level at that period, how was it?, and Nobody evaluated his Mind. Learning from our History, the Period of Trinh Nguyen Division, they used the Gianh River to divide our Country into Two Parts, so was our People’s Love as well? Then, recently, the North of Vietnam thought that They Liberated the South and Pushed several thousands of their Folks away on the Ocean, the Boat People, having been died in the seas to be Fish Preys! causing human frustations for millions of survival Vietnamese!

Well, we’d better forget Bad Events and look more about our Mankind’s Wonderful Inventions in Science and Technology Famous Stars, like Mr. Pasteur or Mr. Thmas Edison, Mr. Henry Ford, Pres. Washington or Steve Jobs, etc.. for example.. We would feel better. It seems to me that Each Period of our Global History, Mankind receives more New Wonderful Inventions like Happy Springs; however, in Each Period of our History, we’ve also seen several Uneducated Persons who are Greedy, Bully, like Bad Communist Chinese Leaders who have developed a very Aggressive Plan to Occupy the Whole Pacific Ocean Region like the 9 Spot Tongue which has raised Dangerous Tension in Asia now.

Personally, the Think Tank and Activity of several Powers Leaders have formed our Mankind Life Conditions? I always hope our National Leaders must update their Mind and Adapt their Elevated Knowledge necessary for our People and the World to be compromized in Peace & in Balanced Social Welfare that is very critically required now, instead of maintaining their present Totalitarian Regime that still discriminate our People in the Globe. Like Vietnam Country which is seen as <A Huge Cage of prisoned Birds> while overseas, several Vietnamese Refused Birds, flying around without their Returning Nets! A lot of tear drops are still seen to farewell among our People, specially Running Away Vietnamese Refugees!

Vanson Tran, 2-2014

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