English Translation

 The Politic Gecko  In Vietnamese Proverb, “The Country has Its Fate, So Are  Its People”

(Palavering Social Poem)

 A Poor Family is living in a remote village,

For a long time, they are usually hungry in Winters!

This Tet Holiday, one Social NGO Group come visiting Them,

They offer several Gifts ans also Foods to the Poor Family Members,

That social action has made All Of Them very happy and made me emotioned!

The Socialist Leaders have been governing Vietnam for 6-7 decades,

 At least, they have thought of the Poor Class are in miserable condition?

However, I see a lot of Powerful Groups in the Social Environment as well,

These Groups, mostly,  are greedy to increase their Profits?

Talking about VN Constitution, after the event of reviewing the Original Copy by Systemized Governmental Cadres towards Groups of Yes-People, It has returned in the Normal Situation.

 So, the Vietnamese Government’s Politic System today, from the Central Level to the Hamlet One, People are, quietly and temporarily, accepting the situation of Social Medium.

Even we know that, Socialist Vietnam is organized into Systemized Groups or Different Classes?

This Form of Societal Organization has been adapted by Old Sovietic One in previous period, but it seems to be easier than before, after eliminating the Nationalists, the Opponent Party in the Country?  Now, it remains, internally, only One Communist Pary Leading in Politic View.

 This Communist Party must Adapt  into the World Community and Get Along to be compromised with the Human Cultural Exchange Activies. But, in this present period, what is the Human Living Objective that Domestic or International Rumor is discussing?  We must realize that is the very  Human Rights!  The Human Rights for Vietnamese Citizen and The Human Rights of the World People.

 Naturally, the Human Rights Objective is also the Purpose of Vietnamese Revolution?; However, even Old Sovietic Federation, due to the Human Rights, has been copletely collapsted or bankrupted?  In Vietnam, the Communist Ideology has been imported by Uncle HỒ from the Marxist Theory, now changing its Color or mutating into different forms of Governmental Politics.

 Considering these Forms, from the previous Periods, like the Slaved to Big China one, the Colonist One, and the recent Revolutionary One.. We have seen A Politic Gecko which has also changed Its Colors several times?  Temporarily, we compare some Forms in these mentioned Regimes..

 The Feudalist Form in the Old Days, consequently followed by the Colonist One, when I was born and experiened my Life.. Like for Majority of us, We have been experienced a lot of Sufferings & Miserable Things!  We have found Some Rights and Some Wrongs in the Revolutionary Movement Period as well. Haven’t We?  Such as the Killings Of Each Other and the Fightings to Seize the Majority of People in the Country, for example?

 Viewing generally, we must not forget the Cultural Exchanges of Mankind, we noted several Political Regimes in the Social Mediums?  Republic of Vietnam in the South, for 2 decades, is influenced by Western Culture in the early period?  Socialist/Communist Vietnam, in the North, for 4 decades, is clearly influenced by the Communist Block of Federation of Sovietic Nations in the Past?  Some Politic Geckos have been Killed or Survived, in the Mankind Living Environments, as you know?

 At present, the Communist Party of VN is the Boss of Vietnam in the form of Totalitarian Regime?

The Majority of Vietnamese People are managed and derived by this Regime.  Today, this Communist Regime must have been contacting, exchanging and adapting its direction with the Globe.

 The over look of the Culture or a Society may evaluate the, naturally happened, Different Social Standpoints and even, the Domestic People, may be living in a Gradual Opening Culture and the Totalitarian Leading Group may be adapting well along with the World Economy Market?  From this Base, the Color of Polilic or the Politic Gecko Color, will be, ofcourse, changed along for its best Adaptation?

 I remember our Old Ancestors had Famous Statements and Proverbs, and I temporarily take them into this Discussion, like the Proverb “A Nation has its Fate, and so are its People”.  People receive their Social Welfare by their Improving Knowledge or Intelligent Developing Level and the Country has its Fate by the Talent Skills of Leaders.  From this base point, we have 2 blocks of people, the Leading One and The People and All of Them will change the Color of our Society for Better Condition?  The Leading Class, if being reflected and updated, will adapt well the Political Medium for the Nation and build better and better for their National Culture.  For the People, their Intelligent or mature Educational Level, if it is less developed, less couraging; therefore, less promoting, they would be living in bad condition of miserability and poorness.

 So, what do we have to search for a Reasonalbe Conclusion?; Well, The Fate of A Nation is completely leaned on the Talents of the Leaders, Outstanding Leaders? For the part of People, naturally, the Intellectual or High Educated Class must tend to promote more and more.  Those Two Conditions, if asking, do we have to wait for Time? The Furture of Vietnam, Our Nation, particularly the People and the Leading Class?

  Tran, Vanson – 2/2014









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