A Fictional Reality, A Vague Myth?

Translation Version:

 A Fictional Reality, A Vague Myth?

(Palavering Social Poem)

 Do you know, between the Fiction & the Myth?

These two forms have made Mankind confusing for long?

The Real became the Wrong, and the Wrong became the Real, very cleverly?

It seems like A Magic Thing, that made us hard to guess?

Having been seen for nearly a Century, Mankind has been searching or the Highest Level Of IQ (Mental/Intelligent Energy),

It has mutated the Vague Myth into the Reality in several places?

First, the Communism Myth is real, and very attractive!

It has promised a Paradise Sky of Equality for Proletarian Force?

There have been 2 forces in the Social Environment, flying..

The two Classes of People have been mystically classified?

The Capitalist Class was beated, but not Died &  just Mutated?

The Proletarian Class, after a Cycle, re appeared the same, Proletarian One?

However, the Latter One has announced, “We Are The Winners”?

It has created the Human Society into Another Side, “The Loosers”?

The Proletarian One, now Capitalist One, has a higher IQ Mind?

Very fast, It has appeared into The RED CAPITALIST Class!

Nowaday, Mankind has Two Colors of Capitalism?

The Old Western One should be called the BLUE CAPITALISM?

In paralel, They got along and become Coexisting?

We repeat again, We are living in A Real Reality.

Well, we must be stable with our Reason and analyze this Reality?

What do You realize? Are We Confused with Hallucinations?

So, the Communism has produced several Magician Politicians?

They have created A Reality becoming A Fiction, and verse visa?

Because,  A Reality could be turned into A Myth?

Like the Globe has proved these Facts in our History, several Periods?

These Mutation Forces seem still very active & arrogant?

They have caused for Mankind a lot of Suffering Implications..

One past Collapse of this Form has proved is <The Sovietic Federation Block>,

Another Mutational Form is, the <Sub Superpower Red China> now?

Therefore, Social Complications are still  being critically faced..

And, Mankind is quite difficult to get Peace, even..

 <Any One Can Become The Winners Side>?


Tran, Vanson – 2/2014

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